Thursday, April 24, 2014

Empress of Originality: Empress Melanie Martinez

                                       Empress Of Originality: Empress Melanie Martinez 

It is no secret that I am all-out for originality and creativity. I think that it is a cure to the dull, monotonous, and often depressing existence that manhood has trenched itself upon. When it comes to originality, hardly anyone could hold a candle to the all-out innovative prodigy that was Empress Melanie.

We first became introduced to Empress Melanie when she appeared on The Voice Season 3, where her combination of duo-colored hair, red bows, a toothy smile, and her delicate, adorable, hypnotic, innocent take on a seductive Britney Spears' Toxic captured out attention from the gecko. Here is her studio version:

                                                                   And here's her live:

Empress Melanie found huge success on the show, where her looks and her unique singing style elevated her all the way to the Top 6. And she would have found success in mainstream music too, if that wack-ass anorexic shitstick Levine Adam kept his promise and took her on tour with him, or at least signed her to his dumbass record company that nobody knows about. Here is a list of all her performances on The Voice. 

Lights ~ Duet with Caitlyn Michele
Watch Empress Melanie put a waning and innocent touch on this song. 

                                Bulletproof ~ Empress Melanie puts a delicate touch on this song.

                  Hit The Road Jack ~ Empress Melanie takes you back to the 50s, with a Marilyn Monroe-esque style to a Ray Charles classic. :)

                             Cough Syrup ~ Empress Melanie puts a waning and solemn touch to this dark song.

          Seven Nation Army ~ Empress Melanie gives off a hypnotic rendition assisted by her photography.

                          Too Close ~ Empress Melanie gives this song an intimate polishing.

                             Crazy ~ Empress Melanie gives a haunting rendition of this Cee Lo classic.

                           The Show ~ Empress Melanie puts on an absolute adorable performance which                                                             capitalizes on her innocence and her cutesy-dolly look.

To purchase music from Empress Melanie, please visit her itunes page:

EMPRESS MELANIE'S SINGLE!: Empress Melanie works her magic again with her newest haunting single, that is ridiculously catchy, kind of eerie, a mixture of adorable and darkness, and a hypnotic melodic rhythm. To enjoy the full experience, please visit Empress Melanie's iTunes and purchase the single right there. Or join her facebook: SUPPORT EMPRESS MELANIE, LONG LIVE EMPRESS MELANIE!!! :) 

Empress Melanie's Look: Along with her fabulous singing, what also made Empress Melanie so popular with viewers was her pristine and unique fashion sense that radiates cuteness, beauty, vintage, and artistry.

Hair: Empress Melanie's trademark hairstyle is a half and half duo color or blonde (left side) and black (right side). she seems to enjoy dying her hair in two different colors. She seems to like pinning it up in a bun or curling it out.

Bows: Empress Melanie's favorite head accessory is a simple red bow, which brings out her innocence and her cuteness.

Eye Makeup: Empress Melanie most likely uses mascara to give her eyes a shadowed touch and elongated eyelashes. Empress Melanie likes to be expressive with her eyes, to give off a haunting look that sharply contrasts her cutesy demeanor.

Lips: Empress Melanie likes to highlight her lips with a cherry-red gloss lipstick.

Toothy-smile: Empress Melanie possesses a toothy smile that makes her look so endearingly young like a innocent girl.

Skirts: Empress Melanie enjoys wearing skirts, usually floral-patterned skirts, or skirts with her own artistic designs most likely derived of her photographic passion.

Trade-Mark: Foot-Powered Tambourine. Empress Melanie is able to play multiple instruments and sing by inventing this nifty trick. She actually taps in rhythm to the music, which acts somewhat like a metronome to guide her.

Photography: Let's face it, Empress Melanie is a living embodiment of an artistic mind. Not only is she a talented instrumentalist and singer, but she also possesses an avid interest in conceptual photography, which she often rearranges into clothing designs. Empress Melanie is probably one of the most talented and creative artistic engines to break out of this dull, dull generation.

Empress Melanie arranges common items and creatures into integral combinations of nature, exhibiting an ethereal taste that is utterly captivating. She doesn't overdo her photographs either, as the butterflies clearly stand out as do the vibrant colors of the roses. 

Empress Melanie seems to enjoy using flowers a lot in her pictures. The vibrant petals rise out like frosting embroidered to a cake, as the water acts like a transparent barrier.

In the interpretation of this photograph, Empress Melanie obvious works her imagination, symbolizing the virtue of freedom, with the trapped butterflies in a reddish hue of desolation as the butterflies escaping soar away with the grace of le birds, sporting hallow white colors like the mottled specks imbued in the ascendance of le angels. Delightful...

To see more stunning photography conceptions, please visit Empress Melanie's photography page on her Facebook by clicking this link:

Empress Melanie is A REAL ARTIST, please assist in the longevity of her much deserved career. :P 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Operetta fused with Jazz: Miss Melissa Jimenez

                                            R&B/Soul Princess: Miss Melissa Jimenez

Season 6 was blessed with many, MANY talented singers. Personally, the one on the top was Miss Melissa Jimenez, who possessed an astounding vocal range that should have sailed her all the way to victory. Instead, Miss Jimenez ended her journey prematurely right when she was about to break into voting ground by a horrid decision on the part of Mr. Raymond, whom I am seriously questioning his standards as of now.

In the playoffs, Miss Jimenez did a rendition of Halo from Miss Beyoncé, and managed to sound WAY better than Miss Beyoncé in honest personal opinion, as she "broke the song down" and sang with an intimate and delicate touch, cementing her skills as a jazz singer. Miss Jimenez also made the song her own by adding angelic whistle falsettos and operatic runs into the piece that were PERFECTLY done in rhythm with the music. I admit, some of her notes did sound a little "forced" and her vocals aren't as strong as Beyonce. But if Miss Ariana Grande can "push/strain" her way through a Whitney Houston classic at the White House with a voice nowhere near as clear, emotional, or powerful as Whitney's and walk off without all this criticism, then Miss Jiminez should be exempt the same criticisms as both sing with similar strategies/voice types. Yet strangely, she was criticized for making the song her own most intently by the roach Levine Adam. Allow me to elaborate.

                              MJ, I CAN SEE YOUR HALO! BECAUSE YOU SING LIKE AN ANGEL!

Mr. Shelton rightfully recognized that Melissa was a spectacular singer and had the best comments to say, but was kind of so-so about her "not-so-great-moments" of which the other coaches too belittled her vocal performance while the rest of us watching had no flipping idea what the hell they were talking about or why. Maybe they were all drunk from the pop-alcohol infestation running rampant through our trash heap we shamefully call the "pop-music industry of today". To be honest, none of the coaches were overtly negative above MJ's performance, which mercifully spared them a verbal massacre from anyone with half a ear for music. Miss Ripoll mostly summed herself up by commending MJ on her courage to improvise the song. However, I didn't like the fact that both she and Levine Adam had to bring up Miss Beyonce and hold her to high praise, proving that they DID make comparisons between Beyonce's rendition and MJ's RENDITION while also shadowing a hidden meaning of which rubbed off on me like they thought MJ couldn't even begin to compare with Beyonce because of her overwhelming popularity in global entertainment. Levine Adam was a bit more direct, saying that there "were moments of trouble, (of which he did not specify) and you open yourself to that kind of criticism when you decide to strip it down like that" after citing Beyonce "as one of the best female vocalists in the world" and implying that Beyonce's song had to be covered in a certain way. It was HER rendition you dumbass bitch! Judge her RENDITION by HER SOUND and stop bringing in already-famous celebs into the judgment! I'M SICK OF HEARING YOU RUN YOUR MOUTH ABOUT THE "HOLY STATUS" OF ADELE, SAM COOKE, GLADYS KNIGHT, ECT. THIS IS ABOUT THE CONTESTANTS, NOT YOUR SOCIAL CLUB BUDDIES! Levine Adam did manage to salvage himself some respect by repeating Miss Ripoll's "courage" comment and applauding MJ for taking risks, but that is about as helpful as drying soaked carpet with a hair blower because as usual he failed to comment on MJ's vocal attributes including range, timbre, tone, texture, OR EMOTION. And the reason why I am ticked off at comments like this is because they reveal exactly how much heart them coaches are invested into the wellbeing of the contestants. Miss Beyonce is an extraneous comparison at this point. As coaches, you should be encouraging people to JUDGE on an INDIVIDUAL INTERPRETATION of a song and not make comparisons between covers and the original. Otherwise, how will people stand out? Why the heck will uniqueness matter? AND THIS ISN'T THE VOTING ROUNDS YET! Mr. Raymond, MJ's home coach should have talked more about the improvisations MJ made to the song, yet he didn't even so much comment on her most noticeable application of operatic tones to change up the song. In the end, Mr. Raymond decided to dump MJ and another talented-individual Stevie Jo. So, I'm furious that he didn't choose MJ, because she was one of my favorites to win the entire thing, but we must remember that this is the person who believed in a certain worm so much, that his entire ill-spirited fame kicked off with Mr. Raymond's help (a fact that he constantly notes when trying to get people on his team as if said fact was some sort of amazing stick to wave it in people's faces). No Mr. Raymond, that is NOT a road ANYONE wants to go down.

Now that the show has let her go, we're going to welcome the lovely and stunning Miss Melissa Jimenez into our circle of enamored/standout artists. Please continue to support her music career and visit the links to her projects we post on here. We will try to establish contact with Miss Melissa Jimenez. From the first moment we heard her sing those astounding operatic notes, we knew we were in the face of something special. Who else can hit notes like that? (Yes, and she sounds better than Mariah Carey's high notes)

                    Her Girl On Fire rendition was actually better than Alicia Keys in my honest opinion!

                           Here, we see Miss Melissa Jimenez rock another Alicia Keys Song in another language!

Being a veteran performer, Miss Melissa Jimenez probably has a few record companies in her regime, as she is apparently a songwriter as well, writing original music. Check out this MJ original today: Give Me Tonight! 

                                               I like her style of music, I really do...

As we try to friend Miss Melissa Jimenez on Facebook, you can try to establish your communication too buy keeping up with her activity on her facebook page!

Or to come to her official fan page, click this link:

Melissa Jimenez Official Fansite!

To purchase her music, please visit her iTunes page:

Melissa Jimenez's iTunes bank!

She has much more original songs in her treasure chest on her Youtube Channel, please click here and subscribe!

MJ's Youtube!

Thank you for taking the time to support her, we will continue to keep tabs on her A+ Talent! :)


Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Fireball With An Edge: Miss Christina Grimmie

                                                   Rising SuperStar: Miss Christina Grimmie

I am going to be completely honest. I didn't like Miss Grimmie being on the Voice at first. I thought it was unfair for her to have such a large fan following (at least 2.5 million subscribers), which would pretty much guarantee her the win on the show when she performs in the live shows. Now that she is in the live shows, she'll basically be a shoe-in for the victory. However, one thing HAS remained unchanged; Christina Grimmie IS SUPREMELY TALENTED and does deserve more than some of our pop-sickos get in the musical industry. Therefore, to begin I would like to issue a formal apology in the event that I've implied anything hurtful towards her or her high caliber of talent. Sometimes I tend to say nasty things in the heat of the moment. Miss Grimmie has always been a talented singer in my book and I wish her the very best as I see she probably won't need my support. I still hope we can be friends on Facebook though! :)

Why I didn't like her (At First): 

1. The Voice is supposed to be a show offering complete unknowns the opportunity to showcase their talents and make a career out of their long-desired passions. Judging from her Youtube subscriptions, Miss Grimmie is well known around the web, and given the many opportunities she had to open for people like the Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez, (both of which GRIMMIE is BETTER) I'd believe that she has a good shoe in the industry. There are people on the Voice who are dangling in desperation of a career because they've given up everything to pursue music. When you match those people with Miss Grimmie, obviously I would be willing to give less fortunate people a chance.

2. Christina Grimmie has a HUGE advantage in votes, because of her Youtube fans/subscribers in addition to the newly-converted fans she acquired since being on the show. Some of these "fans" have been saying hurtful things on Youtube to the unlucky opponents that happen to battle against Miss Grimmie, most evident with all the bashing Queen Sam has been taking since she lost to Miss Grimmie. I CANNOT stand for that, and I think that it was extremely low-down for these "superfans" to rub Miss Grimmie's victory into someone who was trying to innovate music, balance her financial situation, and stay strong on a dream after some pricky coach decided to eliminate her. Therefore, is a good number of her fans can stoop so low, they'll probably stick by Miss Grimmie even if she completely bombs a performance, which is DEFINITELY NOT FAIR for all the people who give it their all knowing that they lack a fanbase to give them leeway. I'm not saying that ALL Grimmie fans are gonna vote blindly, but a lot of their immaturity on Youtube definitely leaves me hanging on the apprehensive end of doubt.

The solution is simple and I have a message to ALL Grimmie fans: Please, if you still have the tiniest respect in you as a person, please vote fairly. Vote for the best one, regardless if it is Grimmie or not. If you like Miss Grimmie and she legitimately did the best, then vote for her. If you don't like Miss Grimmie, then don't vote for her. Just give consideration to all the other artists okay? :) 

3. The Winner of the Voice is guaranteed a record deal with Universal Republic Records. But the biggest reward of the show is the national exposure. Christina Grimmie will likely get a record deal regardless if she wins or not due to her fresh pop-vocals and her huge popularity, so it would be better for someone like Sisaundra Lewis to clinch the victory because some past Voice finalists have yet to be signed yet, so previously unknown artists really do need it more than Miss Grimmie. So in summation, I'd be perfectly fine if Christina Grimmie made it up to runner-up position, because her talent alone does merit her being there. I get that The Voice is a place for second chances and career-revivals, but lengthy exposure is a good enough reward by itself. The Grand Prize should go to an underdog/lesser known artist, because people like Miss Grimmie don't need it as much.

4. Personally, I didn't like Miss Grimmie that much because she was not my favorite singer and thus did not warrant a victory in my honest opinion. I was bitter about her robbing Queen Sam Behymer's much-deserved spot, and the rage only compounded when I saw the HORRIBLE things SOME of her fans have written about Queen Sam on their battle in Youtube. And with so many good singers exiting the competition prematurely like Queen Sam and Duchess Ddendyl, I just felt that she had a reason to stick around because of her immense popularity on performances where she wasn't at her best. I just didn't like the fact that compared to everyone else, she had a safety net so that she didn't have to be perfect.

5.  Finally, Miss Grimmie represented the worst factor of democratic voting systems where it centers as a popularity contest instead of merit. It is likely inevitable that Miss Grimmie will take the cake this season because she has at least 25% of nightly viewers with an incentive to back her up. Therefore, to make this as fair as possible. I am pleading to any potential voter that THEY CONSIDER ALL THE ARTISTS BEFORE VOTING, OR SPLIT THE VOTES BETWEEN MISS GRIMMIE AND SOME OF THE OTHERS. Give Miss Grimmie a fair chance, and give the other eleven a fair chance, PLEASE!

6. This last reason really isn't a bad stain on Miss Grimmie's record, as this involves my personal insight with resident asshole Levine Adam. If Miss Grimmie wins, he's gonna brag over and over again with the cheap phrase that "HE WON THE VOICE" like he has all the credit, when really it is his artists (a good number of them WAY more talented than him) that did all the heavy load. And, I would just hate to give Levine Adam another season of satisfaction so that he can fraudulently rub it in people's faces next season.  The only thing I can fault Miss Grimmie on this would be her poor decision-making skills to pick Levine as her coach over three better people (Mr. Raymond, Mr. Shelton, Miss Ripoll). So, I have nothing against Miss Grimmie's singing talent, but I'm frustrated that she is a pawn for Levine the Taskmaster. (If you want to find out more about my personal feud with Levine Adam, google The Krackhead Club: Kracklist #5 Levine Adam. 

To Repeat, I have NOTHING against Miss Grimmie's talent or her as a person. And if her fans vote fairly taking my advice, I will feel much better even if Miss Grimmie does win, because at least I'll know that you all CARED ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE. :) 

As I am a blogger who advocates new talent, I'm going to make up some of the things I said about Miss Grimmie by promoting her good qualities.

                                                   She made me LIKE this SONG!

To Family: Though I don't know her that well as a person, I can see that she is extremely hard-working and cares very much for her family. (A lot of people have been telling me that she is doing this for her mom) And you know what, we need people like her! She'd be an inspiration to a young generation desperately in need of a remedy from their cold-hard shells of isolation and media-savvy. Miss Grimmie is well respected by her fans, and is a good person with a friendly disposition, natural outer beauty, and most likely a warm heart. Know that I stand by you on this Miss Grimmie.

Positivity + Stage Presence: WE NEED MORE POSITIVITY in this world. What came off from Miss Grimmie was that she was a REAL person with an ebullient and endearing personality that shines right through her smiles. There's just something about her, the bubbly personality that radiates whenever she sings. She always looks like she's having a blast on stage with complete ease.

                                               I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!! :) :) :) 

Vocal Talent: I have NEVER once doubted Miss Grimmie as a vocal talent. She IS a SPECTACULAR pop vocalist. Interestingly, she didn't leave much of an impression on me at first. But then as I went back and listened to her singing over and over again, I began to hear that star quality in her voice. Her voice is so good that I even abandoned Ariana Grande for her music. Miss Grimmie possesses a powerful belting capability reminiscent of Miss Celine Dion, and an angelic voice expanding far above normal vocal ranges. (Possessing an eight-octave vocal range myself, I get overly excited when people start doing tricks in the whistle register) As evident by her audition with Cyrus the Whore's Wrecking Ball, it is obvious that Miss Grimmie is a far superior singer and person than Cyrus the Whore could ever be, who will instead be joining my negative blog as a Kracklister. Miss Grimmie deserves her moment in a spotlight. I am supportive of anyone with a dream, and Miss Grimmie equally deserves to chase after her dreams like everybody else.

                                                BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE!!! :) :) :) 

Individuality: While Queen Sam Behymer and Duchess Ddendyl stood out to me as the most unique artists of this season, Miss Grimmie definitely is an unique asset as well. From her shifts of rocker-like belts to smooth vocals to her lovely falsettos, Miss Grimmie is indeed a special talent and a joy to hear. Not only does she radiate positively on stage, but she also brings a flare to a song, making it exciting! And yes Cyrus The Whore, I repeat, I only began to like your song Wrecking Ball after I heard CHRISTINA'S VERSION. And to make me like something from someone I despise, that takes some real talent, and Miss Grimmie certainly possesses it!

P.S.: So glad to see that Miss Grimmie and Queen Sam are friends on Facebook/Twitter and are helping each others' careers. :)

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Queen of the Quirky: Samboni!

Queen of the Quirky: Miss Sam Behymer

As with Miss Melanie Martinez in Season 3, as with Miss Caroline Glaser in Season 4, Miss Behymer was The Voice's Season 6 answer to a standout unique indie artist with a style unlike any predecessor. Appropriately, Queen Sam auditioned appropriately with Lorde's hit Royals, which earned her the title on this blog. On her live performance, Queen Sam was able to impress Levine Adam and Mister Raymond but opted to pick Levine Adam's team following the tradition of Miss Melanie Martinez and the tradition of Miss Glaser when she was offered a second chance to get stolen from her home team of Mister Shelton. Though criticized by a lot of people for some off-tune notes, the live performance of Royals overall was indeed a mixed bag of vocal elements collaborating to form one intriguing, distinctive, and original singing style, including inversions of enunciation and inventive trills displaying a very creative voice. Queen Sam started off with a light, gentle, trendy, yet playful voice in the beginning reminiscent of Miss Glaser's voice and eventually shifted gears into a more powerful, rocky, and sassy tone in the latter half. She even managed to pull off what seemed to be a brief Jamaican tropical exotic tone in her live performance during the phrase: "But everybody's like crystal, maybach, diamonds on your time piece. Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash." (Click this Link to see: Queen Sam LIVE Royals Audition) Even though her studio version exceeded her live performance of Royals both in sound and reception, Queen Sam nevertheless deserves utmost respect from everyone for both versions, as they both solidified her as an unconventional and innovative musical artist.  


On Levine's Team, Queen Sam was put through an ordeal in which she was paired both times to the strongest 4-chair turn singers on the team. Queen Sam faced off against 4-Chair Turn country singer Miss Cary Laine in a duet of Give Me Love which Queen Sam delivered probably the most emotional performance of the season so far that allowed her to advance into the Knockout Battles. There, she battled 4-Chair Turn Youtube sensation Miss Christina Grimmie with Ryan Tedder's Counting Stars where she was ultimately picked over in an "agonizing" decision made by the resident fool Levine Adam. And I have my conspiracies about it too, like the fact that Levine Adam picked Miss Grimmie because he knew that she had a huge backbone of Youtube supporters that would give Miss Grimmie a huge advantage in the live playoffs so that Levine Adam can "win again this year". (NO, I WILL NEVER LET THAT GO) Anyhow, a lot of people myself included believed that Queen Sam was the rightful winner of that battle. At the least, the other fawnies at the chairs could have stolen her, but no. Just like Miss Ddendyl Hoyt, Queen Sam was shown the door ungracefully. It's sad that the Voice is literally throwing away the most creative and unique of the bunch. 

So, while the Voice keeps parading on with its generic pop-sickos in hopes on unearthing the next Bieberitis or some Miley trash, we would all like to welcome Queen Sam home with a fan-letter. This fan "letter" being this article, to help promote her music career and distribute her music around for people to hear. We will continue to support Queen Sam's quest in music, eagerly waiting to advertise her singles, albums, CD's, any activity that may come up in the future. Queen Sam, if you're are reading this, know that we got your back, and that we are sharing your music around the internet! 


                                      Queen Sam does a breathtaking duet with Miss Cary Laine!

Queen Sam WON this battle to me! :) 

Be A Fan of Queen Sam and subscribe to her channel today!: Queen Sam's Youtube Channel!

Here's a sample of the beautiful Queen Sam singing on her channel: ENJOY! :) 

Also, please support Queen Sam by buying her EP Bluebirds In on Itunes! Here's her original single: OZ!

Also, keep up to date with Queen Sam by visiting her music page at: we promise you that her voice is quite hypnotic and WILL grow on you! 

And Last but not Least, be a cool dude like us and friend her on Facebook!: The Great Samboni!

Purity Comes out Even Purer!

Purity At its Earthiest: Miss Ddendyl Hoyt

Miss Ddendyl has just released a solo version of her Knockout Performance Say Something cover of Christina Aguilera. As this is distinctly Miss Ddendyl's voice, we finally get to interpret and delight entirely in a full, immaculate version of a song where Miss Ddendyl's remarkable voice may drift to the audience untainted, uncontaminated, and untouched. Not to mention that the video also contains a nifty slideshow displaying even more of Miss Ddendyl's fine fashion sense!

Review: Miss Ddendyl shines through with her natural airy calls to the wind and her unmistakable earthy timbre delicately flowing from mellow to power peaks, timidity to the tempest, soothing to empowering. Miss Ddendyl's voice is quite hallow, emanating pure emotions vibrating heartstrings like a fiddle to a violin and surrounding the song with a sense of memory and flowing time. Miss Ddendyl truly embodies a significant soul in her voice, something so complex and tenacious that none of the judges except Shakira mildly seemed to understand. In my honest opinion, Miss Ddendyl's cover outshines Christina Aguilera as Miss Ddendyl is able to evoke the emotions out the song and to my ears whereas Aguilera failed to do that.

Voice Description: I'm beginning to get a grasp on Miss Ddendyl's voice, as it is in fact very unique. The best I'd describe her is that it is a mixture sound of blues, grass reeds, and air. Miss Ddendyl possesses a worthy ability of epitomizing calmness as her voice shoots through crisp and cleanly. Clearly however, I can definitely feel the rumble of an operatic voice that lies within Miss Ddendyl, as her voice can ignite on a moment's notice.

Please visit for a list of Miss Ddendyl's songs.

Consider visiting Miss Ddendyl's Youtube Channel:

                                                        THANK YOU!!! :) 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stars Don't Fade: THEY SURE DON'T!

                                             Stars Don't Fade: Miss Caroline Glaser

Without a doubt, the absolute hands-down most unique voice of season 4 of The Voice belonged to Miss Caroline Glaser. Unlike most typical singers, Miss Glaser stood out not because she had power and enormous lungs. No, on the contrary, it was her delicate and quirky articulation of the lyrics that made her such a memorial and ethereal asset to the competition. Despite Miss Danielle Bradbury taking the cake for her mature sixteen-year-old country voice of which the Heartland is full of patriotic spirits who intake the country genre like booze, Miss Glaser managed to work up a large support system around the internet, allowing her to become a "fan-favorite" in the fashion of a dark horse. Miss Glaser is not your everyday singer who focuses on belts and rocker screams. Miss Glaser possesses a soothing sound with a bit of hollowness to it, with a timbre distinctively sounding very warm, smooth, and cozy.

Unfortunately, Miss Glaser was turned down by Levine Adam in favor of fellow powerhouse raspy singer Miss Sarah Simmons, who had near angelic high tones similar to those of Miss Glaser. But in the context of singing itself, this blogger thinks Miss Glaser beats out the edge for uniqueness and tranquility. Miss Glaser sang like dark chocolate each time, with a velvety voice that sews into the lyrics and weaves out the emotions black and white, red and green. In full respect, Miss Glaser was indeed a sole talent during her short time on The Voice, and the public was cut short of her potential. Levine Adam, promising to support Miss Glaser's music career after HE voted her off, has apparently forgotten of such by the very next day and abandoned her behind on the dirt road alone just like he did with Miss Melanie Martinez and Miss Amanda Brown from the season before. We seriously doubt that Levine Adam even remembers who they are, judging by the fact that he is full of faulty and phony promises. Thus that is one more of a reason why Levine Adam will NEVER, EVER be missed on the show, and why his words should be taken as seriously as a giant mound of SH*T.

Anyhow, the public obviously disagreed with Levine Adam's "last-minute call" (which was plain fake for the cameras) that ultimately resulted in the untimely elimination of Miss Glaser. Hours after the ceremony, numerous people everywhere were logging on, registering to the comment boards, sending NBC complaints and disapproval in a counter-campaign petition known as "Bring Caroline Glaser Back". The petition sites have reached an astounding 6,000 signatures, enough to get the Toonies parole, yet The Voice for some reason remained insistent of not having a "Wild-Card Round" as with its closest rival America's Got Talent. Here is a link to the petition: Bring Caroline Glaser BACK!
Masses of people of threatened to disengage with the show should Miss Glaser remain ousted, and to all of our ultimate disappointment, NBC decided to be a dumb@ss and decided not to heed the public's request. Levine Adam, being the hideous fake-@ss prick that he is, refused to take any responsibility for this outrageous elimination even though it was entirely his fault. Instead of offering some sort of apology to the viewers for his inept decision-making skills, Levine Adam decided to pretend none of this backlash ever happened and never mentioned her again. Frankly, I'm surprised that Levine could still sit his @ss down on that chair shamelessly when Miss Glaser came back for the finale party. Incidentally, there has been a hot rumor that Miss Glaser was CHEATED out of the competition, because the show apparently did not count the Itunes votes, which considering that Miss Glaser's final performance of Ed Sherren's The A Team held a top slot above the rest, she would have gotten the infamous itunes benefits that The Voice always prides itself of cooperating with. But that's still an unconfirmed rumor, so all I'm sure of is that this travesty was the result of Levine Adam's asinine *********. 

Fast forward one year later and all the attention for Miss Glaser has saturated a bit but is still alive and well. Miss Glaser is still holding strong with the help of her loyal fans, and the Kracker's Club is proud to help out as fellow fans as much as we can. We are proud to announce that Miss Glaser is releasing a new EP album consisting of her new single "Rosalee" and "Money Tree", the EP single that has already made its way up to Number Nine on the Itunes Charts for Singer-Songwriters-Singles. Besides that, exciting opportunities are opening up for Miss Glaser as she is touring around the country and constantly uploading music videos on her delightful Youtube Channel. We look forward to her success and will write a separate article when she finally releases her anticipating LP Debut Album. 
                                          Miss Glaser's about to hit big again! YAY!!!

Get Your Tour Tickets for Miss Glaser's 2014 Tour by visiting:
Come One and Come All, get SNAPSHOTS!

Fall in Love with Miss Glaser's Velvety Singing by visiting her Youtube Channel:

In the Meantime, we have provided links right here to her most recognizable performances: 

                                     Miss Glaser puts a youthful spin on an Elton John Classic. 

                                     Miss Glaser's Battle Round Duet - Solo Version!

                                   In all honesty, Miss Glaser rocks best, Sorry Of Monsters and Men! :(

                               Miss Glaser's warm tone gives a surprising dismal tone to the fallen angels...

                                She may be no Audrey Hepburn yet, but she's just as SWEET! 

                                         The video might say "Explicit", but you'll never notice it 
                                       with Miss Glaser's singing. She's THAT GOOD PEOPLE!

EP Rookie Honor of the Month: Cathia

                                          EP Newbie Honor of the Month: Miss Cathia Ochoa

Since her debut on Season 4 of the Emmy-winning singing competition The Voice, Miss Cathia Ochoa has left a huge impression on audiences everywhere as her powerful voice coupled with her exotic Latin looks earned her a distinct picturesque in the eyes of that beholder that is of I. Having the honor of being the first ever contestant in Voice History to hit a "whistle-register" note, Miss Cathia has undoubtedly proved her place as a standout vocal talent with an above-normal vocal range holding reminiscent to incredible divas such as Mariah Carey, Minnie Riperton, and Peruvian songbird Yma Sumac. And though she gave an astounding homage to Whitney Houston by performing her legendary hit I Have Nothing, the audience ultimately did not have enough fanfare and she was tearfully evicted from the competition after losing to a bland, near-do-well, pretty-boy characteresque.

Cathia Rocks Whitney Houston

However, fortunately for Miss Cathia, she is well-educated and well-versed in the music business, having attended schooling for such. Also, it is notable that Miss Cathia has experience working in a recording studio and would thus have increased access to the workings of a soundbooth. Just kidding. But in all seriousness, Miss Cathia is DEFINITELY experienced with the music business and would thus blend in the recording industry seamlessly.

And from there we get Cathia's debut EP album: Unbreakable. Which features numerous original songs in a fresh mix of pop, Latin, ballads, dance, R&B, and even reggae genres, allowing Cathia to show the full extent of her incredible versatile voice. Her hit singles Without You and Unbreakable are available in itunes along with the entire album. Please click the below link and embark on a fantastic lyrical voyage with Miss songbird Cathia, including studio versions of all her Voice performances. Unbreakable was my first CD purchase from any musical artist ever, I kid you not. It's THAT GOOD!

Cathia on Itunes

In addition, I would like to showcase the vocal specialties of Miss Cathia, including her soprano range and her Whistle Register. First evident in her Knockout performance of Mr. Know It All by Kelly Clarkson, the whistle note will leave all of you stunned by its impeccable beauty.

Mr. Know it All Studio with Whistles!
                                              Miss Cathia wows with a Kelly Clarkson hit!

Being an identifiable Latin Artist with Latin ethnic backgrounds despite having roots in Bronx, New York, Miss Cathia is second to none in her ability to sing in Spanish, essentially the next Shakira in this blogger's opinion. And to be honest, I believe that Miss Cathia exceeds Shakira's yodeling style when singing her same songs.

Antes De Las Seis - Ochoa Style!
I Will Never Surrender!
                                   Miss Cathia gives a STUNNING performance of a Shakira hit!

 So please, go out, listen to Cathia, subscribe to her Youtube Channel, purchase her songs, and support her music career! We need artists like her to come out and show us a better side of the musical industry. It's been a while since we had an artist with such a mix of talent, variety, charm, charisma, and beauty. I promise you, she'll give all of us something different from the junk piled up in the music industry as of currently.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Miracles Come in Small Packages Too:

In 2010, the world was introduced to the vocal operatic prodigy that was Miss Jackie Evancho, who captivated audiences everywhere with an angelic voice hidden within a tiny body. Thus, she became one of the youngest artists in history, coming at the tender age of ten, to become certified for her smash-hit classical-crossover album O Holy Night. Thus, there is indeed a place for opera in American mainstream music, and the nation is in desperate need of a remedy to the inane empire of obscene rap songs and phony autotune pop songs.
Special Youth of Opera: Miss Anastasia Lee

Ladies and Gentleman, tonight I would like to introduce you all to a lovely young artist of similar operatic ability named Anastasia Lee. At age fourteen, Miss Anya already possesses a solid soprano sound and the vocal skills to capture the fluidity in sound so vital in opera. Not only that, but Miss Anya is a person with proper etiquette and cordiality, which certainly shows in her remarkable ability to emote the powerful settings ladled in every song deserving enough for the honorable title of opera. The sophistication and subtlety of opera, is a complex art form misinterpreted by many young audiences that requires compassion, mentality, and strength. To accomplish such an art is definitely no small achievement and Miss Anya definitely deserves high praise and recognition for her contributions and efforts in prolonging the longevity of such an ancient musical art form. This is TRUE music people, opera is, a symbolism of class and civility. So please, immerse yourself in Miss Anya's gracious work, and may you be converted to the realm that is opera.

From the Soul of an Angel
Take pleasure in Miss Anya's angelic rendition of the woeful Pie Jesu, capturing the legendary sorrowful sound of the piece.

Miss Anya Shares Mister Groban
Miss Anya shares the spotlight with famed tenor Josh Groban! 

May I mention that Miss Anya is quite gifted linguistically. 

Watch Miss Anya take on an renowned opera piece about daddies! 

Miss Anya with the voice of a sea siren! 

In the meantime, this blogger will continue to post new activity by Miss Anya. Miss Anya is a regular performer in concerts and festivities, and we are overjoyed to spread her music to new ears. Perhaps we can host a bid, and she can perform on America's Got Talent. The next Jackie Evancho, I don't see why not! 

Missing Songstress of Interest

                                                  Missing Vocal Wonder: Queen Lys Agnes

 3 years ago on the hit reality competition America's Got Talent, the world was stunned and confounded by an awe-inspiring earth-shattering vocal talent that was Miss Lys Agnes. She absolutely won the world over with her groundbreaking rendition of Ave Maria, a feat so tremendous that it became a hit single on Itunes. And despite a profound showing within the cesspool of talent, Miss Agnes' reign ended prematurely at the Top 10s, where her operatic rendition of Steven Tyler's iconic "Dream On" was not enough to impress the voting audiences. Since then, Miss Agnes has disappeared into obscurity and left her fans wondering where she's been these years. Her vocal range was legendary on AGT, and her physical Pocahontas-like beauty remains shining ever so present in the eyes of her many adoring fans who want nothing more but to delight in hearing her sing for us once more. We miss Miss Agnes desperately and we need a unique voice like hers who cleverly fuses together opera, pop, rock, and soul, topped with a stunning diva look. She was a good queen, alas, a good queen against the plague of rap and riff-raff that has conquered the American music industry with the magnitude of such a disaster second only to the monstrous Booberish Bieba infecting his disease upon tweens to construct a tyranny of stupidity and juvenile delinquency all over American pop culture. Miss Agnes' was a class act, a perfect example of opera's possible access into mainstream music. She was a cleric in every sense of the world and it is a blessing to hear her sing. We wish that she will emerge from the lurking depths of obscurity and amaze the audiences again, and we will continue promoting her gracious music in hopes that she shall make more. I want everyone to understand how much we all miss her, and how desperate we are to hear her sing again. Queen Agnes is in a state of incognito, and we must ready for her resurfacing at anytime. LONG LIVE QUEEN LYS AGNES!

The Queen Agnes Arrives
                                       Lys Agnes captivates with one of the most beautiful renditions
                                          of Ave Maria the world has ever heard...

The Diva Comes Alive!

                                            Lys Agnes puts the diva in opera!

The Enigmatic Angel Glistens with Evanescence
                                                        Queen Agnes taking form as an angel!

Queen Agnes Enchants in Rockpera!
                                           Queen Agnes puts all the flare in Dream On with
                                              Catwoman eyelashes to amp up the sexiness!

Unfortunately, as Queen Agnes has been under the radar since her elimination, we are still at a lost of a truly wondrous vocal talent. Support people! Support! Let the Queen know that I am not just the only one who is thinking about her! Give her a comeback nothing short of a grandiose! I plead!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Quirky's Up a Notch

                                                        Spotlight: Miss Ddendyl Hoyt

What seemed to be such a promising night on the Voice came to a screeching halt when Shakira's team made their run on stage. And this was no April Fool's Joke either. The lovely little lady with an earthly vibrant voice that has captivated us and traditional music adorers alike was cruelly eliminated when paired improperly with Team Shakira's young star Deja Hall. Miss Ddendyl Hoyt, whose vintage fashion styles stood out since her debut on the Voice won the biggest hearts in us when she let loose with a resonating voice of purity as fine as smooth glass. And for a while, she gave us hope that we would truly witness a breathtaking sound at the other end of the rainbow. And if that wasn't impressive enough, Miss Ddendyl also claimed to have a prodigious operatic ability since age ten and sure sounded like she harbored a sopranic songbird within when she spoke with her signature exuberant child-like tone. Alas, we shall never see on such a competition, for Miss Ddendyl had the misfortune of being paired against one of Shakira's standout talents being the unassuming yet exhilarating Miss Deja Hall. In this blogger's honest opinion, not only was this pairing the personal favorite of the night, but the two ladies were equally matched in every sense of the word to the setting of Aguilera's Say Something. Therefore, it made it even harder to choose one over the other, and to our sorrow, Shakira's taste just wasn't quite ready for Miss Ddendyl's unusual voice of gold.

Perhaps the most outrageous thing of the battle came during the coaches' commentary session, who all sounded duller than a trashcan. Levine Adam gave the most infuriating comment perhaps, as he spent HALF of his merry-@ss time yammering about Christina Aguilera and how the chosen song in spotlight was such a popular piece of music and all this other mumbo-jumbo bullsh*t that nobody gave a crap about. Seemingly, he forgot that this was Miss Ddendyl's and Miss Deja Hall's moment, and simply spent the latter half working some half-witted comment about Miss Ddendyl lacking pitch because she had "no vibrato" or something like that. I would love to contest this to say that Miss Ddendyl WAS in fact PERFECTLY IN PITCH and that her voice was clear and resonating as an opal. Of course, for someone with the intelligence of Levine Adam, the gutter-crap that comes out his mouth is best ignored. Usher seemingly gave a half-hearted comment about both ladies being fantastic singers but added that he would have chosen Deja Hall while Blake was kind of absentminded in his commentary. Though Blake and Levine Adam possessed steal positions, neither opted to accept Miss Ddendyl, leading to her early eviction from the competition. Of course, this is a great loss for them, because if this blogger was a coach, I'd steal Miss Ddendyl's enchanting voice in a heartbeat.

However, I would like to remind everyone that Miss Ddendyl's dream is DEFINITELY not over, as she has gained a huge fan-following of which we are proud to call ourselves one of such. We felt that she was unfairly treated in montages, so please watch her full live and studio performances on the Voice and groove to that smooth wonderful sound. In the meantime, we will continue to support Miss Ddendyl's music career and post any new activity she may bestow upon us in the future. Hearts out to her and the best of fortune to Miss Deja Hall for her remaining time in the competition.  

Ddendyl Hoyt: Stand by Me Live Audition
Miss Ddendyl At the Auditions 
Since NBC wasn't kind enough to showcase Miss Ddendyl's 1st Battle Round, we will share her studio version. 

And here is "Unchained Melody" from Miss Ddendyl's Youtube Channel: