Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Miracles Come in Small Packages Too:

In 2010, the world was introduced to the vocal operatic prodigy that was Miss Jackie Evancho, who captivated audiences everywhere with an angelic voice hidden within a tiny body. Thus, she became one of the youngest artists in history, coming at the tender age of ten, to become certified for her smash-hit classical-crossover album O Holy Night. Thus, there is indeed a place for opera in American mainstream music, and the nation is in desperate need of a remedy to the inane empire of obscene rap songs and phony autotune pop songs.
Special Youth of Opera: Miss Anastasia Lee

Ladies and Gentleman, tonight I would like to introduce you all to a lovely young artist of similar operatic ability named Anastasia Lee. At age fourteen, Miss Anya already possesses a solid soprano sound and the vocal skills to capture the fluidity in sound so vital in opera. Not only that, but Miss Anya is a person with proper etiquette and cordiality, which certainly shows in her remarkable ability to emote the powerful settings ladled in every song deserving enough for the honorable title of opera. The sophistication and subtlety of opera, is a complex art form misinterpreted by many young audiences that requires compassion, mentality, and strength. To accomplish such an art is definitely no small achievement and Miss Anya definitely deserves high praise and recognition for her contributions and efforts in prolonging the longevity of such an ancient musical art form. This is TRUE music people, opera is, a symbolism of class and civility. So please, immerse yourself in Miss Anya's gracious work, and may you be converted to the realm that is opera.

From the Soul of an Angel
Take pleasure in Miss Anya's angelic rendition of the woeful Pie Jesu, capturing the legendary sorrowful sound of the piece.

Miss Anya Shares Mister Groban
Miss Anya shares the spotlight with famed tenor Josh Groban! 

May I mention that Miss Anya is quite gifted linguistically. 

Watch Miss Anya take on an renowned opera piece about daddies! 

Miss Anya with the voice of a sea siren! 

In the meantime, this blogger will continue to post new activity by Miss Anya. Miss Anya is a regular performer in concerts and festivities, and we are overjoyed to spread her music to new ears. Perhaps we can host a bid, and she can perform on America's Got Talent. The next Jackie Evancho, I don't see why not!