Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Missing Songstress of Interest

                                                  Missing Vocal Wonder: Queen Lys Agnes

 3 years ago on the hit reality competition America's Got Talent, the world was stunned and confounded by an awe-inspiring earth-shattering vocal talent that was Miss Lys Agnes. She absolutely won the world over with her groundbreaking rendition of Ave Maria, a feat so tremendous that it became a hit single on Itunes. And despite a profound showing within the cesspool of talent, Miss Agnes' reign ended prematurely at the Top 10s, where her operatic rendition of Steven Tyler's iconic "Dream On" was not enough to impress the voting audiences. Since then, Miss Agnes has disappeared into obscurity and left her fans wondering where she's been these years. Her vocal range was legendary on AGT, and her physical Pocahontas-like beauty remains shining ever so present in the eyes of her many adoring fans who want nothing more but to delight in hearing her sing for us once more. We miss Miss Agnes desperately and we need a unique voice like hers who cleverly fuses together opera, pop, rock, and soul, topped with a stunning diva look. She was a good queen, alas, a good queen against the plague of rap and riff-raff that has conquered the American music industry with the magnitude of such a disaster second only to the monstrous Booberish Bieba infecting his disease upon tweens to construct a tyranny of stupidity and juvenile delinquency all over American pop culture. Miss Agnes' was a class act, a perfect example of opera's possible access into mainstream music. She was a cleric in every sense of the world and it is a blessing to hear her sing. We wish that she will emerge from the lurking depths of obscurity and amaze the audiences again, and we will continue promoting her gracious music in hopes that she shall make more. I want everyone to understand how much we all miss her, and how desperate we are to hear her sing again. Queen Agnes is in a state of incognito, and we must ready for her resurfacing at anytime. LONG LIVE QUEEN LYS AGNES!

The Queen Agnes Arrives
                                       Lys Agnes captivates with one of the most beautiful renditions
                                          of Ave Maria the world has ever heard...

The Diva Comes Alive!

                                            Lys Agnes puts the diva in opera!

The Enigmatic Angel Glistens with Evanescence
                                                        Queen Agnes taking form as an angel!

Queen Agnes Enchants in Rockpera!
                                           Queen Agnes puts all the flare in Dream On with
                                              Catwoman eyelashes to amp up the sexiness!

Unfortunately, as Queen Agnes has been under the radar since her elimination, we are still at a lost of a truly wondrous vocal talent. Support people! Support! Let the Queen know that I am not just the only one who is thinking about her! Give her a comeback nothing short of a grandiose! I plead!