Friday, April 18, 2014

Operetta fused with Jazz: Miss Melissa Jimenez

                                            R&B/Soul Princess: Miss Melissa Jimenez

Season 6 was blessed with many, MANY talented singers. Personally, the one on the top was Miss Melissa Jimenez, who possessed an astounding vocal range that should have sailed her all the way to victory. Instead, Miss Jimenez ended her journey prematurely right when she was about to break into voting ground by a horrid decision on the part of Mr. Raymond, whom I am seriously questioning his standards as of now.

In the playoffs, Miss Jimenez did a rendition of Halo from Miss Beyoncé, and managed to sound WAY better than Miss Beyoncé in honest personal opinion, as she "broke the song down" and sang with an intimate and delicate touch, cementing her skills as a jazz singer. Miss Jimenez also made the song her own by adding angelic whistle falsettos and operatic runs into the piece that were PERFECTLY done in rhythm with the music. I admit, some of her notes did sound a little "forced" and her vocals aren't as strong as Beyonce. But if Miss Ariana Grande can "push/strain" her way through a Whitney Houston classic at the White House with a voice nowhere near as clear, emotional, or powerful as Whitney's and walk off without all this criticism, then Miss Jiminez should be exempt the same criticisms as both sing with similar strategies/voice types. Yet strangely, she was criticized for making the song her own most intently by the roach Levine Adam. Allow me to elaborate.

                              MJ, I CAN SEE YOUR HALO! BECAUSE YOU SING LIKE AN ANGEL!

Mr. Shelton rightfully recognized that Melissa was a spectacular singer and had the best comments to say, but was kind of so-so about her "not-so-great-moments" of which the other coaches too belittled her vocal performance while the rest of us watching had no flipping idea what the hell they were talking about or why. Maybe they were all drunk from the pop-alcohol infestation running rampant through our trash heap we shamefully call the "pop-music industry of today". To be honest, none of the coaches were overtly negative above MJ's performance, which mercifully spared them a verbal massacre from anyone with half a ear for music. Miss Ripoll mostly summed herself up by commending MJ on her courage to improvise the song. However, I didn't like the fact that both she and Levine Adam had to bring up Miss Beyonce and hold her to high praise, proving that they DID make comparisons between Beyonce's rendition and MJ's RENDITION while also shadowing a hidden meaning of which rubbed off on me like they thought MJ couldn't even begin to compare with Beyonce because of her overwhelming popularity in global entertainment. Levine Adam was a bit more direct, saying that there "were moments of trouble, (of which he did not specify) and you open yourself to that kind of criticism when you decide to strip it down like that" after citing Beyonce "as one of the best female vocalists in the world" and implying that Beyonce's song had to be covered in a certain way. It was HER rendition you dumbass bitch! Judge her RENDITION by HER SOUND and stop bringing in already-famous celebs into the judgment! I'M SICK OF HEARING YOU RUN YOUR MOUTH ABOUT THE "HOLY STATUS" OF ADELE, SAM COOKE, GLADYS KNIGHT, ECT. THIS IS ABOUT THE CONTESTANTS, NOT YOUR SOCIAL CLUB BUDDIES! Levine Adam did manage to salvage himself some respect by repeating Miss Ripoll's "courage" comment and applauding MJ for taking risks, but that is about as helpful as drying soaked carpet with a hair blower because as usual he failed to comment on MJ's vocal attributes including range, timbre, tone, texture, OR EMOTION. And the reason why I am ticked off at comments like this is because they reveal exactly how much heart them coaches are invested into the wellbeing of the contestants. Miss Beyonce is an extraneous comparison at this point. As coaches, you should be encouraging people to JUDGE on an INDIVIDUAL INTERPRETATION of a song and not make comparisons between covers and the original. Otherwise, how will people stand out? Why the heck will uniqueness matter? AND THIS ISN'T THE VOTING ROUNDS YET! Mr. Raymond, MJ's home coach should have talked more about the improvisations MJ made to the song, yet he didn't even so much comment on her most noticeable application of operatic tones to change up the song. In the end, Mr. Raymond decided to dump MJ and another talented-individual Stevie Jo. So, I'm furious that he didn't choose MJ, because she was one of my favorites to win the entire thing, but we must remember that this is the person who believed in a certain worm so much, that his entire ill-spirited fame kicked off with Mr. Raymond's help (a fact that he constantly notes when trying to get people on his team as if said fact was some sort of amazing stick to wave it in people's faces). No Mr. Raymond, that is NOT a road ANYONE wants to go down.

Now that the show has let her go, we're going to welcome the lovely and stunning Miss Melissa Jimenez into our circle of enamored/standout artists. Please continue to support her music career and visit the links to her projects we post on here. We will try to establish contact with Miss Melissa Jimenez. From the first moment we heard her sing those astounding operatic notes, we knew we were in the face of something special. Who else can hit notes like that? (Yes, and she sounds better than Mariah Carey's high notes)

                    Her Girl On Fire rendition was actually better than Alicia Keys in my honest opinion!

                           Here, we see Miss Melissa Jimenez rock another Alicia Keys Song in another language!

Being a veteran performer, Miss Melissa Jimenez probably has a few record companies in her regime, as she is apparently a songwriter as well, writing original music. Check out this MJ original today: Give Me Tonight! 

                                               I like her style of music, I really do...

As we try to friend Miss Melissa Jimenez on Facebook, you can try to establish your communication too buy keeping up with her activity on her facebook page!

Or to come to her official fan page, click this link:

Melissa Jimenez Official Fansite!

To purchase her music, please visit her iTunes page:

Melissa Jimenez's iTunes bank!

She has much more original songs in her treasure chest on her Youtube Channel, please click here and subscribe!

MJ's Youtube!

Thank you for taking the time to support her, we will continue to keep tabs on her A+ Talent! :)