Friday, April 4, 2014

Purity Comes out Even Purer!

Purity At its Earthiest: Miss Ddendyl Hoyt

Miss Ddendyl has just released a solo version of her Knockout Performance Say Something cover of Christina Aguilera. As this is distinctly Miss Ddendyl's voice, we finally get to interpret and delight entirely in a full, immaculate version of a song where Miss Ddendyl's remarkable voice may drift to the audience untainted, uncontaminated, and untouched. Not to mention that the video also contains a nifty slideshow displaying even more of Miss Ddendyl's fine fashion sense!

Review: Miss Ddendyl shines through with her natural airy calls to the wind and her unmistakable earthy timbre delicately flowing from mellow to power peaks, timidity to the tempest, soothing to empowering. Miss Ddendyl's voice is quite hallow, emanating pure emotions vibrating heartstrings like a fiddle to a violin and surrounding the song with a sense of memory and flowing time. Miss Ddendyl truly embodies a significant soul in her voice, something so complex and tenacious that none of the judges except Shakira mildly seemed to understand. In my honest opinion, Miss Ddendyl's cover outshines Christina Aguilera as Miss Ddendyl is able to evoke the emotions out the song and to my ears whereas Aguilera failed to do that.

Voice Description: I'm beginning to get a grasp on Miss Ddendyl's voice, as it is in fact very unique. The best I'd describe her is that it is a mixture sound of blues, grass reeds, and air. Miss Ddendyl possesses a worthy ability of epitomizing calmness as her voice shoots through crisp and cleanly. Clearly however, I can definitely feel the rumble of an operatic voice that lies within Miss Ddendyl, as her voice can ignite on a moment's notice.

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