Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Quirky's Up a Notch

                                                        Spotlight: Miss Ddendyl Hoyt

What seemed to be such a promising night on the Voice came to a screeching halt when Shakira's team made their run on stage. And this was no April Fool's Joke either. The lovely little lady with an earthly vibrant voice that has captivated us and traditional music adorers alike was cruelly eliminated when paired improperly with Team Shakira's young star Deja Hall. Miss Ddendyl Hoyt, whose vintage fashion styles stood out since her debut on the Voice won the biggest hearts in us when she let loose with a resonating voice of purity as fine as smooth glass. And for a while, she gave us hope that we would truly witness a breathtaking sound at the other end of the rainbow. And if that wasn't impressive enough, Miss Ddendyl also claimed to have a prodigious operatic ability since age ten and sure sounded like she harbored a sopranic songbird within when she spoke with her signature exuberant child-like tone. Alas, we shall never see on such a competition, for Miss Ddendyl had the misfortune of being paired against one of Shakira's standout talents being the unassuming yet exhilarating Miss Deja Hall. In this blogger's honest opinion, not only was this pairing the personal favorite of the night, but the two ladies were equally matched in every sense of the word to the setting of Aguilera's Say Something. Therefore, it made it even harder to choose one over the other, and to our sorrow, Shakira's taste just wasn't quite ready for Miss Ddendyl's unusual voice of gold.

Perhaps the most outrageous thing of the battle came during the coaches' commentary session, who all sounded duller than a trashcan. Levine Adam gave the most infuriating comment perhaps, as he spent HALF of his merry-@ss time yammering about Christina Aguilera and how the chosen song in spotlight was such a popular piece of music and all this other mumbo-jumbo bullsh*t that nobody gave a crap about. Seemingly, he forgot that this was Miss Ddendyl's and Miss Deja Hall's moment, and simply spent the latter half working some half-witted comment about Miss Ddendyl lacking pitch because she had "no vibrato" or something like that. I would love to contest this to say that Miss Ddendyl WAS in fact PERFECTLY IN PITCH and that her voice was clear and resonating as an opal. Of course, for someone with the intelligence of Levine Adam, the gutter-crap that comes out his mouth is best ignored. Usher seemingly gave a half-hearted comment about both ladies being fantastic singers but added that he would have chosen Deja Hall while Blake was kind of absentminded in his commentary. Though Blake and Levine Adam possessed steal positions, neither opted to accept Miss Ddendyl, leading to her early eviction from the competition. Of course, this is a great loss for them, because if this blogger was a coach, I'd steal Miss Ddendyl's enchanting voice in a heartbeat.

However, I would like to remind everyone that Miss Ddendyl's dream is DEFINITELY not over, as she has gained a huge fan-following of which we are proud to call ourselves one of such. We felt that she was unfairly treated in montages, so please watch her full live and studio performances on the Voice and groove to that smooth wonderful sound. In the meantime, we will continue to support Miss Ddendyl's music career and post any new activity she may bestow upon us in the future. Hearts out to her and the best of fortune to Miss Deja Hall for her remaining time in the competition.  

Ddendyl Hoyt: Stand by Me Live Audition
Miss Ddendyl At the Auditions 
Since NBC wasn't kind enough to showcase Miss Ddendyl's 1st Battle Round, we will share her studio version. 

And here is "Unchained Melody" from Miss Ddendyl's Youtube Channel: