Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stars Don't Fade: THEY SURE DON'T!

                                             Stars Don't Fade: Miss Caroline Glaser

Without a doubt, the absolute hands-down most unique voice of season 4 of The Voice belonged to Miss Caroline Glaser. Unlike most typical singers, Miss Glaser stood out not because she had power and enormous lungs. No, on the contrary, it was her delicate and quirky articulation of the lyrics that made her such a memorial and ethereal asset to the competition. Despite Miss Danielle Bradbury taking the cake for her mature sixteen-year-old country voice of which the Heartland is full of patriotic spirits who intake the country genre like booze, Miss Glaser managed to work up a large support system around the internet, allowing her to become a "fan-favorite" in the fashion of a dark horse. Miss Glaser is not your everyday singer who focuses on belts and rocker screams. Miss Glaser possesses a soothing sound with a bit of hollowness to it, with a timbre distinctively sounding very warm, smooth, and cozy.

Unfortunately, Miss Glaser was turned down by Levine Adam in favor of fellow powerhouse raspy singer Miss Sarah Simmons, who had near angelic high tones similar to those of Miss Glaser. But in the context of singing itself, this blogger thinks Miss Glaser beats out the edge for uniqueness and tranquility. Miss Glaser sang like dark chocolate each time, with a velvety voice that sews into the lyrics and weaves out the emotions black and white, red and green. In full respect, Miss Glaser was indeed a sole talent during her short time on The Voice, and the public was cut short of her potential. Levine Adam, promising to support Miss Glaser's music career after HE voted her off, has apparently forgotten of such by the very next day and abandoned her behind on the dirt road alone just like he did with Miss Melanie Martinez and Miss Amanda Brown from the season before. We seriously doubt that Levine Adam even remembers who they are, judging by the fact that he is full of faulty and phony promises. Thus that is one more of a reason why Levine Adam will NEVER, EVER be missed on the show, and why his words should be taken as seriously as a giant mound of SH*T.

Anyhow, the public obviously disagreed with Levine Adam's "last-minute call" (which was plain fake for the cameras) that ultimately resulted in the untimely elimination of Miss Glaser. Hours after the ceremony, numerous people everywhere were logging on, registering to the comment boards, sending NBC complaints and disapproval in a counter-campaign petition known as "Bring Caroline Glaser Back". The petition sites have reached an astounding 6,000 signatures, enough to get the Toonies parole, yet The Voice for some reason remained insistent of not having a "Wild-Card Round" as with its closest rival America's Got Talent. Here is a link to the petition: Bring Caroline Glaser BACK!
Masses of people of threatened to disengage with the show should Miss Glaser remain ousted, and to all of our ultimate disappointment, NBC decided to be a dumb@ss and decided not to heed the public's request. Levine Adam, being the hideous fake-@ss prick that he is, refused to take any responsibility for this outrageous elimination even though it was entirely his fault. Instead of offering some sort of apology to the viewers for his inept decision-making skills, Levine Adam decided to pretend none of this backlash ever happened and never mentioned her again. Frankly, I'm surprised that Levine could still sit his @ss down on that chair shamelessly when Miss Glaser came back for the finale party. Incidentally, there has been a hot rumor that Miss Glaser was CHEATED out of the competition, because the show apparently did not count the Itunes votes, which considering that Miss Glaser's final performance of Ed Sherren's The A Team held a top slot above the rest, she would have gotten the infamous itunes benefits that The Voice always prides itself of cooperating with. But that's still an unconfirmed rumor, so all I'm sure of is that this travesty was the result of Levine Adam's asinine *********. 

Fast forward one year later and all the attention for Miss Glaser has saturated a bit but is still alive and well. Miss Glaser is still holding strong with the help of her loyal fans, and the Kracker's Club is proud to help out as fellow fans as much as we can. We are proud to announce that Miss Glaser is releasing a new EP album consisting of her new single "Rosalee" and "Money Tree", the EP single that has already made its way up to Number Nine on the Itunes Charts for Singer-Songwriters-Singles. Besides that, exciting opportunities are opening up for Miss Glaser as she is touring around the country and constantly uploading music videos on her delightful Youtube Channel. We look forward to her success and will write a separate article when she finally releases her anticipating LP Debut Album. 
                                          Miss Glaser's about to hit big again! YAY!!!

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Fall in Love with Miss Glaser's Velvety Singing by visiting her Youtube Channel:

In the Meantime, we have provided links right here to her most recognizable performances: 

                                     Miss Glaser puts a youthful spin on an Elton John Classic. 

                                     Miss Glaser's Battle Round Duet - Solo Version!

                                   In all honesty, Miss Glaser rocks best, Sorry Of Monsters and Men! :(

                               Miss Glaser's warm tone gives a surprising dismal tone to the fallen angels...

                                She may be no Audrey Hepburn yet, but she's just as SWEET! 

                                         The video might say "Explicit", but you'll never notice it 
                                       with Miss Glaser's singing. She's THAT GOOD PEOPLE!