Friday, April 4, 2014

The Queen of the Quirky: Samboni!

Queen of the Quirky: Miss Sam Behymer

As with Miss Melanie Martinez in Season 3, as with Miss Caroline Glaser in Season 4, Miss Behymer was The Voice's Season 6 answer to a standout unique indie artist with a style unlike any predecessor. Appropriately, Queen Sam auditioned appropriately with Lorde's hit Royals, which earned her the title on this blog. On her live performance, Queen Sam was able to impress Levine Adam and Mister Raymond but opted to pick Levine Adam's team following the tradition of Miss Melanie Martinez and the tradition of Miss Glaser when she was offered a second chance to get stolen from her home team of Mister Shelton. Though criticized by a lot of people for some off-tune notes, the live performance of Royals overall was indeed a mixed bag of vocal elements collaborating to form one intriguing, distinctive, and original singing style, including inversions of enunciation and inventive trills displaying a very creative voice. Queen Sam started off with a light, gentle, trendy, yet playful voice in the beginning reminiscent of Miss Glaser's voice and eventually shifted gears into a more powerful, rocky, and sassy tone in the latter half. She even managed to pull off what seemed to be a brief Jamaican tropical exotic tone in her live performance during the phrase: "But everybody's like crystal, maybach, diamonds on your time piece. Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash." (Click this Link to see: Queen Sam LIVE Royals Audition) Even though her studio version exceeded her live performance of Royals both in sound and reception, Queen Sam nevertheless deserves utmost respect from everyone for both versions, as they both solidified her as an unconventional and innovative musical artist.  


On Levine's Team, Queen Sam was put through an ordeal in which she was paired both times to the strongest 4-chair turn singers on the team. Queen Sam faced off against 4-Chair Turn country singer Miss Cary Laine in a duet of Give Me Love which Queen Sam delivered probably the most emotional performance of the season so far that allowed her to advance into the Knockout Battles. There, she battled 4-Chair Turn Youtube sensation Miss Christina Grimmie with Ryan Tedder's Counting Stars where she was ultimately picked over in an "agonizing" decision made by the resident fool Levine Adam. And I have my conspiracies about it too, like the fact that Levine Adam picked Miss Grimmie because he knew that she had a huge backbone of Youtube supporters that would give Miss Grimmie a huge advantage in the live playoffs so that Levine Adam can "win again this year". (NO, I WILL NEVER LET THAT GO) Anyhow, a lot of people myself included believed that Queen Sam was the rightful winner of that battle. At the least, the other fawnies at the chairs could have stolen her, but no. Just like Miss Ddendyl Hoyt, Queen Sam was shown the door ungracefully. It's sad that the Voice is literally throwing away the most creative and unique of the bunch. 

So, while the Voice keeps parading on with its generic pop-sickos in hopes on unearthing the next Bieberitis or some Miley trash, we would all like to welcome Queen Sam home with a fan-letter. This fan "letter" being this article, to help promote her music career and distribute her music around for people to hear. We will continue to support Queen Sam's quest in music, eagerly waiting to advertise her singles, albums, CD's, any activity that may come up in the future. Queen Sam, if you're are reading this, know that we got your back, and that we are sharing your music around the internet! 


                                      Queen Sam does a breathtaking duet with Miss Cary Laine!

Queen Sam WON this battle to me! :) 

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