Tuesday, May 20, 2014

And Your Season 6 The Voice Winner Is:

                                                            VICTOR JOSH KAUFMAN! 

Congratulations to Mr. Josh Kaufman! WOOHOO! I guess that deep inside the recesses of America is still room for vintage/older-type music. Mr. Josh Kaufman, who was this season's resident soul, rasp, jazz, and rock singer managed to pull off a surprising victory in the end, narrowing beating out Heartland favorite Rodeo Jake Worthington and pop-favorite Fireball Christina Grimmie. Let me just take the opportunity to say that I was indeed a major fan of Mr. Josh Kaufman since the beginning and I hoped for his victory because he was a window to the golden "vintage era" of music in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. So splendid job to you Mr. Josh Kaufman for winning, and may you have a long successful music career as we will continue supporting you!

                               A Golden Cake for Our Winner Josh Kaufman! 

                                                 RODEO JAKE WORTHINGTON 

Congratulations to our 2nd place winner: Rodeo Jake Worthington, who managed to charm the heart of the nation with his Western cowboy-country looks and accent. We are proud that Rodeo Jake gets to express his culture and his iron-sides personality and we expect to see great things from him in the future. Hopefully, Nashville or Mr. Shelton will give him a record deal so that he can expand to be a great country artist! He already has the cuteness, the charm, and the voice to do it! Ride off to the sunset Rodeo Jake!

                                   A Silver Cake For out Runner-Up Jake Worthington 

                                                  FIREBALL CHRISTINA GRIMMIE!

Congratulations to our 3rd place winner: Fireball Christina Grimmie, who stood out since her audition as a very promising pop vocalist and eventually evolved to exceed ALL the pop garbage in the music industry today. Fireball Christina Grimmie was a serious contender with a miraculous voice expanding into whistle-register range and a bubbly personality radiating positiveness. Plus, she also had a bouncy stage energy and a pretty face to build her fanbase quickly. We were REALLY surprised to find out that she got third place, considering we expected her to take this entire competition with her gigantic fanbase and her Youtube viewership. I guess The Voice voters are good voters after all and DO give other people chances instead of pertaining to some bias. Still, Fireball Grimmie had an exceptional journey on The Voice. And the record labels are simply lining up to sign her.

                        A Bronze Cake For Our Third Place Winner Fireball Christina Grimmie!

We would like to know that we've gotten really close to the Voice competitors this season, and we hope to continue interacting, friending, and supporting them post-show. For a challenge, the WowWIElist founder Mister Eugene Krack will try to friend ALL the contestants from Season 6 on The Voice! Based on the success, we will consider about interacting with former season competitors! THANK YOU EVERYONE! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

AfterParty Album

Thank You Fans for Uploading Pics and... all the selfies? Just don't drink too much guys because it's bad for driving. (Really) 
Anyway, this is the Afterparty Wall! 

And Finally... 

"Happy Anniversary Eugene, Your Good Friend From Brazil, Bruno" 

Aww... Thanks Guys! This has been one heck of an anniversary party! Woohoo!

WowWIE Party: WowWIElist 1-Month Anniversary Honor

Dear Everyone, the founder of the WowWIElist blog Mister Eugene Krack is proud to host a 1st-month anniversary party to all the old Krackers and the new Krackers that recently started following Mr. Eugene Krack. In just one short month, the following has grown from a mere three people to three-hundred and twenty-five, while this blog alone has garnered more than 1,000 views in just one month! We are extremely satisfied that our music blog among the others has achieved so much success, and Mister Eugene Krack will continue his passion of helping out even more undiscovered talent/artists. While we're here, let us celebrate by reviewing the most successful articles on this blog since it's inception.

1. A Fireball With An Edge: Miss Christina Grimmie 
Link: http://wowwielist.blogspot.com/2014/04/a-fireball-with-edge-miss-christina.html

Originally intended as an apology note to Miss Grimmie, for Mister Eugene Krack was dubious of her "unfair prospects" with her already established gigantic fanbase from Youtube, it turns out that Mister Eugene Krack was a "fan" of Miss Grimmie all along, and he had plenty of good things to say about her too, including a video to promote her singing. Watch it here:

2. Blues Become Ever So Blue
link: http://wowwielist.blogspot.com/2014/05/blues-become-ever-so-blue.html

A wonderful article on Bria Kelly's amazing bluesy journey through hit reality-singing competition show The Voice. Mister Eugene provides a beautiful interpretation on "Bluesy Master Bria's" voice, and offers insightful ideas on what she could do with a rich soulful voice like that!

3. Missing Songstress of Interest/ Quirky's Up a Notch (Tie) 
links: http://wowwielist.blogspot.com/2014/04/missing-songstress-of-interest.html

With one of them being the pilot of Mister Eugene's music blog featuring the underrated Miss Ddendyl Hoyt from The Voice, and the other featuring operatic sensation Queen Lys Agnes who disappeared off to oblivion in need of rescue, Mister Eugene pours out his heart in bringing justice to their unappreciated talents and to remind everyone that he will NEVER abandon any respectable talent behind in the dust.

4. The Queen of the Quirky: Samboni! 
links: http://wowwielist.blogspot.com/2014/04/the-queen-of-quirky-samboni.html

An article made especially for Mister Eugene's absolute favorite songstress from Season 6 of The Voice, Mister Eugene pays tribute to her darling looks and her perky little voice inflections. He highlights her specialties and pans out a list of her contact information so that more people can get to know Queen Sam and respect her whimsical musical style.

By the way, the auxiliary video Mr. Eugene made especially to honor Queen Sam is his most-viewed Youtube video to date. Check it out! :)

We originally planned to insert Queen Sam's Royals version to accompany the promotion video, but we had to remove it because dumbass Viacom kept blocking it from the country because it was "copyrighted material" not covered by the Fair Use Clause. pth... pth...

5. Empress of Originality: Empress Melanie/ Operetta Fused With Jazz: Miss Melissa Jimenez (Tie)
links: http://wowwielist.blogspot.com/2014/04/operetta-fused-with-jazz-miss-melissa.html

In both these articles, Mister Eugene gives stunning interpretations on both ladies, evaluating their stimulating and thoroughly unique singing styles. Mister Eugene also tapped into his artistic side when writing about Empress Melanie, even going as far as to feature some of her best photographic works. Mister Eugene also had tremendous high praise for Miss Jimenez, as he compared her to the heights of Beyonce, Alicia Keys, while fawning over her remarkable operatic-falsetto abilities.


1. For the next hour and a half (Till 12:00 midnight), followers who share pictures or drawings or ect. to Mister Eugene Krack will have their stuff posted on tomorrow's AFTERPARTY page. 

2. Due to your participation, Mister Eugene Krack would like me to reveal his next three blog projects. 

1. WowWIElist - Madilyn Paige 
2. WowWIElist - Kaleigh Glanton 
3. Followers VOTE in the comments section: Sexiest Man Unknown #12 or Diva Queens #8 

3. Mister Eugene would like to give all of you a sendoff with this male model: 

                                                    NAME: BRUNO BEVAN 

There you have it! If you like him, go search him on Facebook or something. He's Brazilian and he's lookin' for love ladies! WhooWee! Thank you everyone for lifting this blog into the air, we can assure nothing but good hopes and good deeds to come! Enjoy yourselves!

                                                             PARTY ON PEOPLE!!! 
                                              A Big Shoutout to LMAFO for the gig! 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blues Become Ever So Blue

                                                Bluesy Master: Bria Kelly

The first episode of the Voice Season 6 ended with an absolute stunner with a timely voice unheard of in the midst of the pop-garbage lying around today. Bluesy Master Bria absolutely has the right to call herself of such a title after her stupendous bluesy take on Steamroller Blues that ABSOLUTELY WON ME OVER AS A FAN. Bluesy Master Bria made her first appearance on national television in NBC's "other reality talent competition" America's Got Talent Season 7, where she was recognized as a talented COUNTRY singer who survived all the way to the notorious Season 7 Semifinals. However, none of us never knew that Bluesy Master Bria contained a classic-soul, raspy, gritty, and bluesy sound deep within her. So to have all these things and ALSO a country-like/rock sound, Bluesy Master Bria had EVERYTHING she needed to win The Voice. Unfortunately, her audition song WAS her PEAK while on the show, as her latter song choices were not exactly ideal for her voice.

                                      Bluesy Master Bria wins the world with Steamroller Blues

Bluesy Master Bria possesses an AMAZING voice, but unfortunately the blues genre has not been appreciated as much as it ought to by all the dumbass tweens  in America. Therefore, to go with more current songs, Mr. Raymond (Bluesy Master Bria's coach) decided to develop a "versatility" in Bluesy Master Bria's voice by giving her songs from a variety of genres.

Following her masterful performance of Steamroller Blues, Bluesy Master Bria performed a duet with Miss Tess Boyer on Janis Joplin's iconic Piece of My Heart, which needless to say was still a reasonable choice for Bluesy Master Bria as it allowed her to take advantage of her raspy/rocky/soulful voice, but I already felt that Bluesy Master Bria should have headed in the vintage soul music direction, where her voice is at the best. Bluesy Master Bria's rocky side is not as strong as her soulful/bluesy component, and at times I felt she screamed too much in the performance. I agree, Miss Boyer took this one.

                                     Bluesy Master Bria vs Miss Tess Boyer on Piece of My Heart

Then, Bluesy Master Bria partnered with Darling Madilyn Paige on a special performance of I'll Stand By You, which was a nice performance indeed but kind of lackluster. Bluesy Master Bria's voice simply does not fit such a song and thus she sounded off-key at moments. Between the two, I actually thought that Darling Madilyn Paige beat Bluesy Master Bria on the song. But had Bluesy Master Bria been stolen by Mister Shelton, perhaps she can revive her country/bluesy side a bit more as Mister Shelton does tap into the bluegrass and bluesy side as he is more "Southern".

                                              Bluesy Master Bria vs. Darling Madilyn Paige

For the Playoffs, Bluesy Master Bria then performed Rolling Stones' (Susan Boyle's) Wild Horses, unleashing her grit and raspy vocals. Needless to say, this was probably her second best performance next to Steamroller Blues in my opinion. Bluesy Master Bria showcased her growls and yodel very much, but in the power scale, she seemed a bit... middling.

                                         Bluesy Master Bria rasps out her rendition of Wild Horses

For her first live performance, Bluesy Master Bria covered Adele's Rolling In The Deep, which... wasn't very good. Bluesy Master Bria does not have as much power as Adele, and this was not exactly a good song choice for her as she struggled with the high notes and the belts. She growled a lot, and it did not fit the song's style at all. Her performance overall was kind of off-tuned at the belting parts, while her soulful runs on the smoother parts saved her.

                                          Bluesy Master Bria gives her rendition on this Adele hit.

Finally, Bluesy Master Bria covered Miss Avril Lavigne's I'm With You, which honestly was NOT her WORST performance. (Shut up Levine Adam). Bluesy Master Bria attempted to show her more fragile, tone-downed side by offering some of her falsetto notes (that we finally see since her performance on America's Got Talent of Pink's Perfect) and more gentle runs. Levine Adam jumped at the opportunity and debased the performance, and the other coaches were not too keen on it either. Visibly, Blusey Master Bria was shaken as she cried as she left the stage. I swear, I wanted to grab Levine Adam through the TV screen and strangle him for saying such things. I tried to save her by offering 500 votes, but deep down I knew she was going home after the bullshit uttered from the coaches' mouths.

                           Bluesy Master Bria gives a heartfelt performance of an Avril Lavigne hit.

And it happened the next day, Bluesy Master Bria attempted to reverse the odds by giving one last chance performance of Crazy On You. It was a very good performance reminiscent of her audition with Steamroller Blues. But when the twitter votes started showing up, I knew that the people were not with her anymore. Simply put, Bluesy Master Bria gradually declined from her audition with less-than-ideal song choices. As a coach, I personally felt that Mister Raymond would have a stronger reception had he given Bluesy Master Bria more bluesy songs or vintage soulful songs like Gary Moore's Still Got The Blues, Guns and Roses' November Rain, Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World, Dust My Broom, Muddy Waters' I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man. Bluesy Master Bria could have cemented herself by reinventing Chuck Berry's iconic Johnny B. Goode. Bluesy Master Bria could have also done a breakout song by covering the legendary blues anthem Sweet Home Chicago by Robert Johnson. Mr. Raymond, Bluesy Master Bria was right, she WAS born in the wrong generation of music. The mainstream music today is an absolute trash-wreck wasteland with shameless people like Levine Adam, Justine Boobieb, Cyrus the Whore, Lil' Wayne, Robin Thicke, Chris Brown, Jay Z., Kanye West, and all them other tasteless morons having spots dishonoring the Billboard Charts. Bluesy Master Bria is a lost voice, she is the renascence of TRUE American music of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s.

                                               1935 Blues Anthem: Sweet Home Chicago

To give respect to ALL of Bluesy Master Bria's televised performances, please check out her two performances on America's Got Talent.

                                                 Bluesy Master Bria sings Miranda Lambert's
                                                                 Gunpowder & Lead 

                                                  Bluesy Master Bria gives an emotional spin
                                                                     on Pink's Perfect 

Since Bluesy Master Bria is a lost relic still waiting to spread her wings, we will continue to support her even more post-Voice career, as she has reaped exposure on national television from the show. Also, Mr. Raymond has promised to "keep in touch with her", and we sure hope that he isn't a fraud like Levine Adam was to Empress Melanie Martinez and Miss Amanda Brown. Bluesy Master Bria most certainly does not deserve to be forgotten. Her vintage-esque star potential shone brightly all over the nation the night she rocked the ass off of Steamroller Blues!

While we're at it, please take your first step in supporting Bluesy Master Bria by subscribing to her Youtube Channel, and then friending her on Facebook.

Here is the link to her Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/BriaKelly?safe=active

Here is her Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bria-Kelly/139477619425172

To keep in touch with Bluesy Master Bria follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BriaKelly

Go to her ITunes page today!: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/bria-kelly/id540606932

Please continue supporting Bluesy Master Bria's long voyage in the music business. THANK YOU!!! :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Queen Sam Reigns Over Empire!

Queen Sam Update! 

Queen Sam has worked her magic once again. Her newest cover of Shakira's Empire is hauntingly ethereal, innocent, and a delicate seam of beauty. Queen Sam effortlessly floats across the notes with her resonant high tones, enchanting the piece with her signature mysterious and waning tone. Queen Sam meticulously focused the background music of the song to a slow beating tempo, which gracefully focused the sound on her falsetto runs while giving the piece a tribal-like sound that was absent in Miss Ripoll's original version. Also, being a native of Morgan Mill, Texas, Queen Sam's yodel is up to par with Miss Ripoll's who probably did not want to point out something like that while Queen Sam graced the Voice stage. So for anyone who wants to doubt Queen Sam's ability to phonate her higher register, they can kiss ass on the streets. But in all honesty to my opinion, Queen Sam's intimate version on Miss Ripoll's Empire far exceeds the original rocker-like take on the song.

Queen Sam's cover of this song is currently featured on her Youtube Channel, having managed to garner over 50,000 views and growing already just for the cover. I would also like to remind everyone that Queen Sam also features her own original songs on the same channel, cemented her status as a great English Major and a songwriter. Here's the link to her Channel, please link and subscribe:  https://www.youtube.com/user/sambehymer?safe=active


                                                         WATCH AND SUBSCRIBE!

So, this is Queen Sam's most popular video of her to date. We're still waiting for her magical cover on Counting Stars, as Levine Adam is a prickhead to let her go and thus The Voice will NOT be releasing her solo studio version on the song. All we have is the duet of her singing Counting Stars with Fireball Christina Grimmie, which by the way is like the most watched Voice battle in the season, and maybe even the history of the show! That's some fanfare to ya Queen Sam! WE LOVE YOU QUEEN SAM!!! :P