Tuesday, May 20, 2014

And Your Season 6 The Voice Winner Is:

                                                            VICTOR JOSH KAUFMAN! 

Congratulations to Mr. Josh Kaufman! WOOHOO! I guess that deep inside the recesses of America is still room for vintage/older-type music. Mr. Josh Kaufman, who was this season's resident soul, rasp, jazz, and rock singer managed to pull off a surprising victory in the end, narrowing beating out Heartland favorite Rodeo Jake Worthington and pop-favorite Fireball Christina Grimmie. Let me just take the opportunity to say that I was indeed a major fan of Mr. Josh Kaufman since the beginning and I hoped for his victory because he was a window to the golden "vintage era" of music in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. So splendid job to you Mr. Josh Kaufman for winning, and may you have a long successful music career as we will continue supporting you!

                               A Golden Cake for Our Winner Josh Kaufman! 

                                                 RODEO JAKE WORTHINGTON 

Congratulations to our 2nd place winner: Rodeo Jake Worthington, who managed to charm the heart of the nation with his Western cowboy-country looks and accent. We are proud that Rodeo Jake gets to express his culture and his iron-sides personality and we expect to see great things from him in the future. Hopefully, Nashville or Mr. Shelton will give him a record deal so that he can expand to be a great country artist! He already has the cuteness, the charm, and the voice to do it! Ride off to the sunset Rodeo Jake!

                                   A Silver Cake For out Runner-Up Jake Worthington 

                                                  FIREBALL CHRISTINA GRIMMIE!

Congratulations to our 3rd place winner: Fireball Christina Grimmie, who stood out since her audition as a very promising pop vocalist and eventually evolved to exceed ALL the pop garbage in the music industry today. Fireball Christina Grimmie was a serious contender with a miraculous voice expanding into whistle-register range and a bubbly personality radiating positiveness. Plus, she also had a bouncy stage energy and a pretty face to build her fanbase quickly. We were REALLY surprised to find out that she got third place, considering we expected her to take this entire competition with her gigantic fanbase and her Youtube viewership. I guess The Voice voters are good voters after all and DO give other people chances instead of pertaining to some bias. Still, Fireball Grimmie had an exceptional journey on The Voice. And the record labels are simply lining up to sign her.

                        A Bronze Cake For Our Third Place Winner Fireball Christina Grimmie!

We would like to know that we've gotten really close to the Voice competitors this season, and we hope to continue interacting, friending, and supporting them post-show. For a challenge, the WowWIElist founder Mister Eugene Krack will try to friend ALL the contestants from Season 6 on The Voice! Based on the success, we will consider about interacting with former season competitors! THANK YOU EVERYONE!