Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Queen Sam Reigns Over Empire!

Queen Sam Update! 

Queen Sam has worked her magic once again. Her newest cover of Shakira's Empire is hauntingly ethereal, innocent, and a delicate seam of beauty. Queen Sam effortlessly floats across the notes with her resonant high tones, enchanting the piece with her signature mysterious and waning tone. Queen Sam meticulously focused the background music of the song to a slow beating tempo, which gracefully focused the sound on her falsetto runs while giving the piece a tribal-like sound that was absent in Miss Ripoll's original version. Also, being a native of Morgan Mill, Texas, Queen Sam's yodel is up to par with Miss Ripoll's who probably did not want to point out something like that while Queen Sam graced the Voice stage. So for anyone who wants to doubt Queen Sam's ability to phonate her higher register, they can kiss ass on the streets. But in all honesty to my opinion, Queen Sam's intimate version on Miss Ripoll's Empire far exceeds the original rocker-like take on the song.

Queen Sam's cover of this song is currently featured on her Youtube Channel, having managed to garner over 50,000 views and growing already just for the cover. I would also like to remind everyone that Queen Sam also features her own original songs on the same channel, cemented her status as a great English Major and a songwriter. Here's the link to her Channel, please link and subscribe:


                                                         WATCH AND SUBSCRIBE!

So, this is Queen Sam's most popular video of her to date. We're still waiting for her magical cover on Counting Stars, as Levine Adam is a prickhead to let her go and thus The Voice will NOT be releasing her solo studio version on the song. All we have is the duet of her singing Counting Stars with Fireball Christina Grimmie, which by the way is like the most watched Voice battle in the season, and maybe even the history of the show! That's some fanfare to ya Queen Sam! WE LOVE YOU QUEEN SAM!!! :P