Monday, May 19, 2014

WowWIE Party: WowWIElist 1-Month Anniversary Honor

Dear Everyone, the founder of the WowWIElist blog Mister Eugene Krack is proud to host a 1st-month anniversary party to all the old Krackers and the new Krackers that recently started following Mr. Eugene Krack. In just one short month, the following has grown from a mere three people to three-hundred and twenty-five, while this blog alone has garnered more than 1,000 views in just one month! We are extremely satisfied that our music blog among the others has achieved so much success, and Mister Eugene Krack will continue his passion of helping out even more undiscovered talent/artists. While we're here, let us celebrate by reviewing the most successful articles on this blog since it's inception.

1. A Fireball With An Edge: Miss Christina Grimmie 

Originally intended as an apology note to Miss Grimmie, for Mister Eugene Krack was dubious of her "unfair prospects" with her already established gigantic fanbase from Youtube, it turns out that Mister Eugene Krack was a "fan" of Miss Grimmie all along, and he had plenty of good things to say about her too, including a video to promote her singing. Watch it here:

2. Blues Become Ever So Blue

A wonderful article on Bria Kelly's amazing bluesy journey through hit reality-singing competition show The Voice. Mister Eugene provides a beautiful interpretation on "Bluesy Master Bria's" voice, and offers insightful ideas on what she could do with a rich soulful voice like that!

3. Missing Songstress of Interest/ Quirky's Up a Notch (Tie) 

With one of them being the pilot of Mister Eugene's music blog featuring the underrated Miss Ddendyl Hoyt from The Voice, and the other featuring operatic sensation Queen Lys Agnes who disappeared off to oblivion in need of rescue, Mister Eugene pours out his heart in bringing justice to their unappreciated talents and to remind everyone that he will NEVER abandon any respectable talent behind in the dust.

4. The Queen of the Quirky: Samboni! 

An article made especially for Mister Eugene's absolute favorite songstress from Season 6 of The Voice, Mister Eugene pays tribute to her darling looks and her perky little voice inflections. He highlights her specialties and pans out a list of her contact information so that more people can get to know Queen Sam and respect her whimsical musical style.

By the way, the auxiliary video Mr. Eugene made especially to honor Queen Sam is his most-viewed Youtube video to date. Check it out! :)

We originally planned to insert Queen Sam's Royals version to accompany the promotion video, but we had to remove it because dumbass Viacom kept blocking it from the country because it was "copyrighted material" not covered by the Fair Use Clause. pth... pth...

5. Empress of Originality: Empress Melanie/ Operetta Fused With Jazz: Miss Melissa Jimenez (Tie)

In both these articles, Mister Eugene gives stunning interpretations on both ladies, evaluating their stimulating and thoroughly unique singing styles. Mister Eugene also tapped into his artistic side when writing about Empress Melanie, even going as far as to feature some of her best photographic works. Mister Eugene also had tremendous high praise for Miss Jimenez, as he compared her to the heights of Beyonce, Alicia Keys, while fawning over her remarkable operatic-falsetto abilities.


1. For the next hour and a half (Till 12:00 midnight), followers who share pictures or drawings or ect. to Mister Eugene Krack will have their stuff posted on tomorrow's AFTERPARTY page. 

2. Due to your participation, Mister Eugene Krack would like me to reveal his next three blog projects. 

1. WowWIElist - Madilyn Paige 
2. WowWIElist - Kaleigh Glanton 
3. Followers VOTE in the comments section: Sexiest Man Unknown #12 or Diva Queens #8 

3. Mister Eugene would like to give all of you a sendoff with this male model: 

                                                    NAME: BRUNO BEVAN 

There you have it! If you like him, go search him on Facebook or something. He's Brazilian and he's lookin' for love ladies! WhooWee! Thank you everyone for lifting this blog into the air, we can assure nothing but good hopes and good deeds to come! Enjoy yourselves!

                                                             PARTY ON PEOPLE!!! 
                                              A Big Shoutout to LMAFO for the gig!