Monday, June 23, 2014

Hey Soul Sister Jacquie!

                                                          Soul Sister: Jacquie Lee 

Season 5 of the Voice may have ended with Reggae Mistress Tessanne Chin taking home the gold cup, but one of the biggest things to rock the stage came out from the body of a cute, beautiful girl with a voice ensuing decades. At the fresh age of 16, Soul Sister Jacquie Lee embodied a rich, powerful, and soulful voice WAY beyond her years. By the time she sailed through the competition all the way to the finals, Soul Sister Jacquie Lee had the vocal impression of performing for years, and everyone seemed to forget that she was still sixteen. She was so good, that she managed to finish at runner-up position, behind Reggae Mistress Tessanne Chin who was her own force to be reckoned with. That being said, Soul Sister Jacquie Lee was my favorite contestant of the season right from the start, and her already vibrant soulful voice is gonna grow exponentially as she ages. Soul Sister Jacquie Lee is DEFINITELY going to go far. With wretch-ass butt-ugly Pop-Sickles like Justine Boobieb and Cyrus the Whore representing the worst plight and downfall the modern music industry has seen in years, we can at least remain optimistic that good kids like Soul Sister Jacquie Lee can wrestle back some sanity into the fast-plundering abomination that is our record industry.

Vocal Ability and Image: Soul Sister Jacquie Lee possesses a blessed voice with a lot of soul and a lot of power. You can feel her lyrics; her emotions roar out through the lyrics effortlessly as she unleashes her trademark belts. Soul Sister Jacquie Lee can also pull off smokey-tones within her voice and smooth jazzy runs. Also, Soul Sister Jacquie Lee displays an ability to phonate angelic falsetto tones, seen notably in "I Put A Spell On You", "Stompa", and her "Who's Lovin' You" performances. You would think that she compromises graceful falsetto notes for her powerful belts, but no, the falsetto notes are just as bright and sweet! :) Soul Sister Jacquie Lee definitely hits home and displays her passion and power when she pulls off her rocker/soulful belts exhibited with clarity, dignity, toil, and a rich soulful texture. To be honest, when she belts, she actually resembles Miss Christina Aguilera. Though her control can use a little tweaking with time, that is perfectly fine, as you don't see mother-fuckers complaining about Justine Boobieb when he makes mistakes... Anyway, what Soul Sister Jacquie Lee does is NOT a "screamfest". Something as ludicrous as that can only be spoken by complete sub-human parasites that are of no benefit, interest, or respect to anyone with half a heart and a brain. For some stupid reason, Soul Sister Jacquie Lee has received a lot of uncalled negativity towards her singing style. It's apparently so bad that she has "learned not to look at the comments on the Internet regarding her". So you know what, I'm going to take a stand for her. If any of you rotten-maggot-infested dumbass bitches twerking on a rusted pole wants to say anything hurtful against Soul Sister Jacquie Lee, I DARE you to say it to me so that I can eat you up and shit you out. Bullying is NOT acceptable under ANY circumstances, ESPECIALLY when it is directed against a HEROINE like Soul Sister Jacquie Lee, who tries her best at every instances and gives it her all with smiles and a healthy positive attitude.

Aside from her remarkable voice, Soul Sister Jacquie Lee is also a very charming young lady who sort of resembles Gomez Selena without all the clowning-makeup. Really, Soul Sister Jacquie Lee looks AND sings like an angel. With big brown eyes, a stunning smile, natural bouncy hair, and a timeless maturing voice, Soul Sister Jacquie reminds everyone why she IS the TOTAL PACKAGE.

Soul Sister Jacquie Lee's debut audition with the late Amy Winehouse's "Back To Black" remains to be one of her most well-received performances thus far. With the dislike bar numbering at less than 3% as opposed to her later performances seeing a sharp increases, it can easily be correlated that people began to turn away as she came into her own with her belting prowess. In her first performance, Soul Sister Jacquie Lee pulled off a solid rendition, showing her already well-developed soulful tone at its greenest stage. Nevertheless, she picked a match-made-in-heaven with Miss Aguilera, who would later help her voice soar to new heights.

Soul Sister Jacquie Lee's following performance of "House of the Rising Sun" was even better and even better received than her audition. This is in fact my favorite performance of hers. Strangely, she DID exhibit her trademark belts and falsetto notes this early in the game and yet the dislikes still remained at two-digits. I wonder when exactly did the people started hating on her.

Soul Sister Jacquie Lee's following Knockout battle with Mister Anthony Paul was STILL one of her best received performances. In this, she revealed that she had an affinity for Adele, and thus thought that the song "Stompa" had some elements in which Soul Sister Jacquie Lee could "Adelize". Knowing that, Soul Sister Jacquie Lee managed to make a very fun pop-rendition of the song, which shows her ability to sing in pop music. Also, this performance is noted for Soul Sister Jacquie's Lee's amazing falsetto note, which up until that point, no one figured that she could do. Next to Miss Cathia's Season 4 Whistle note in her rendition of "Mr. Know It All", Soul Sister Jacquie Lee's falsetto note was right up there with hers. (though not as high tonally).

Soul Sister Jacquie Lee's mesmerizing performance of "I put a spell on you" was her moment of the season. Next to her "House of the Rising Sun" rendition, this was my second favorite performance of hers. She showed range, power, soul, and fire. She lit up the place and blazed through the song, dishing in some serious soulful heat all ending with a tremendous burst of power. It was JAW-DROPPING. Unfortunately, by now, as we refer to her dislike bar, it is at this point that we see the initial signs of people turning against her for absolutely no fucking reason.

Soul Sister Jacquie Lee next captured her audience with a dark and broody performance of "Love Is Blindness". I think this performance showed off her mature soulful voice more than the others because it was gloomy and desolate. The song itself is an isolated song, cold on the lyrics with a dreary feel. Soul Sister Jacquie Lee simply delivered the performance. My third favorite performance from her.

Soul Sister Jacquie Lee next channeled Motown soul with a rendition of Jackson 5's "Who's Lovin' You". Her belts were very much present in this rendition (perhaps more so than the others) as was her falsetto notes. It was an amazing catchy performance nevertheless, I did not understand all the dislikes at all.

For the first part of her two-song night performance, Soul Sister Jacquie Lee took on Grit-Sis Janis Joplin's Cry Baby. While this IS arguably one of her best performances in regards to the pitch and display of her belting range, Soul Sister Jacquie Lee lacked Grit-Sis Janis Joplin's signature raspy growl and smoky howl that made the original version so intensely emotional and deep. Simply put, Grit-Sis Janis Joplin may own her song, but Soul Sister Jacquie Lee thoroughly deserves to be commended on holding her own and giving her own interpretation to this classic piece. For the second performance, Soul Sister Jacquie Lee took on her coach's "The Voice Within". Needless to say, it wasn't her very best, but it was still a very good performance. Soul Sister Jacquie Lee showed desperation and empowerment. She performed emotionally and she made the lyrics mean something to us. So all I have to say is great job! :)

Soul Sister Jacquie Lee's take on Zedd's "Clarity" is easily one of her most disliked performances on the show. And frankly, I don't understand why the hell it was that disliked. Now, I'm going to be honest, the singer Foxes really owns this song, and she still sings it the best. But still, Soul Sister Jacquie Lee held her own in the performance by emphasizing a more subtle, delicate, and vulnerable side to her voice as opposed to her usual belting prowess. The song is about hurt, and Soul Sister Jacquie Lee put on a wistful performance too. What did she get in return? Useless comments calling her performance weak, unstable, terrible, un-rehearsed, unprepared, flat, and worst song choice disappointment?! Are you fucking kidding me? Yeah she was a little bit nervous because she's not used to singing this type of song, and maybe it wasn't the "ideal" song choice, but hell knows she doesn't deserve all this bullshit hate. All of you suckeroonies would be nervous too if you were tackling that on live television. GET BENT HATERS!

For her semifinal performance, Soul Sister Jacquie Lee took a more dynamic approach to tears-n'-tissue classic "Angel", which FINALLY landed her a spot at no. 9 among the Top 10 Itunes charts. Honestly, Soul Sister Jacquie Lee deserved way more performances to land in the Top 10 slots, I cannot believe that it took THIS long for America to pull their heads out of their asses. Besides giving an inspiring optimistic performance, Soul Sister Jacquie Lee also looked better than she ever did (and she usually looks stunning), with a creative hairstyle, shiny eyes, an angelic white gown, and a luminescent glow, Soul Sister Jacquie Lee couldn't have looked more precious.

For her final performance, Soul Sister Jacquie Lee challenged a huge stone by covering Jennifer Holliday's Broadway-blast Tony-Award-Winning hit song "And I am telling you I'm not going". This is a LEGENDARY beast of a song wrestled only by the likes of Jennifer Holliday, Jennifer Hudson, and Jessica Sanchez. And we can now add Soul Sister Jacquie Lee to the list because damn right she owned that song and she owned it with soul, yearn, and passion. It was real... it was a REAL performance. Forget about all the comparisons, Soul Sister Jacquie Lee shined with her own singing style and her own voice. She cranked the dynamism of the song to max and she rocked it! Even though she didn't win, Soul Sister Jacquie Lee left with a huge bang with a big enough effect to land her a record deal with Lyon Cohen's 300 Entertainment in partnership with Atlantic Records. And damn right she EARNED it! SLAY THEM SOUL SISTER JACQUIE LEE! WOOHOO!

Soul Sister Jacquie Lee released her first single named: "The Broken Ones". Here's the song! Enjoy! :)

Soul Sister Jacquie Lee pours her heart and soul into a sentimental song. Please share the video with your friends.

Jacquie Lee Itunes

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Please support Soul Sister Jacquie Lee, she's a blazing star. ! :)

Happy Birthday Soul Sister Jacquie Lee!!! (June-25-1997)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A New Diamond! Not Neil Diamond!

                                                  Newly-Discovered Diamond: Miss Jamie Jooste

Fresh out from London, UK (also known as the place where Cinematic producers actually HAVE talent and artistry) surfaces a newly-discovered diamond in the rough. Her name is Miss Jamie Jooste and she has all the right tools she needs to climb up the music industry. As of right now, Miss Jooste is busy launching her debut work and it is to my pristine honor to give her a step up!

In addition to her voice, Miss Jamie Jooste has the looks of a female pop star especially with her red curly hair which gives her a funky bubbly look of a rock star. However, she can also turn up a more lady-like charm when she straightens her hair and dons on her makeup. Miss Jooste seems to have an affinity to bright cherry-red gloss lipstick, which puts more of the glamour on her! :)

Miss Jooste already had the pleasure of working with SpectraSoul where she provided her vocals for their Play The Fool song. Right there and then it was obvious that Miss Jooste had a smooth quality to her voice expressed in light tones and a hint of melisma. I would say that Miss Jooste's voice would work well singing R&B/Soul/Pop tunes. Her upper register is airy and effortless, which proves that she does have a well established higher register while her lower register is solid and silky at that.

Click on the link:

It seems that Miss Jooste is in the midst of her music video for her debut single "False Alarm" as part of her debut EP album: 'The Man Is Always Right'. The rhythm of the song kind of reminds me of Lorde's "Team", but Miss Jooste definitely sounds distinctly different. The song has a very catchy beat to it, and Miss Jooste starts off strong with solid vocals demonstrating the strength of her lower register. Her head voice is also quite full, allowing her to perform refreshing falsetto notes most notably in the phrase "save me". Her head voice is also very bright especially with the word "shining", where she hits a F5 note. In this song, her lower register is alluring with a distinct Latin-tint to it. To be honest, there were some parts of the video where I could see Miss Jooste sounding a lot like Miss Beyonce' or the Latin Queen Jennifer Lopez. Yep, Miss Jooste definitely has that star potential to make it big in pop or R&B genres. I should also mention that this song is most likely an original composition by Miss Jooste. If so, she definitely proves her songwriting skills of being able to write such a song with a hook.

To visit her Youtube channel, please click on the following link and subscribe!

Also, if you liked what you heard, go buy her songs on her iTunes page where her EP debut album is also available. Click on this link and shop away!*tches-interlude/id776064060?i=776064075

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The world is tired of spoiled phony-pop clowns like Selena G., Justine Boobieb, and Cyrus the Whore. There are plenty of people out there who have more talent and are far more deserving of the spotlight. When you submit yourself as a fan to Miss Jooste, know that you are making a good contribution to the meaning of music.