Thursday, June 19, 2014

A New Diamond! Not Neil Diamond!

                                                  Newly-Discovered Diamond: Miss Jamie Jooste

Fresh out from London, UK (also known as the place where Cinematic producers actually HAVE talent and artistry) surfaces a newly-discovered diamond in the rough. Her name is Miss Jamie Jooste and she has all the right tools she needs to climb up the music industry. As of right now, Miss Jooste is busy launching her debut work and it is to my pristine honor to give her a step up!

In addition to her voice, Miss Jamie Jooste has the looks of a female pop star especially with her red curly hair which gives her a funky bubbly look of a rock star. However, she can also turn up a more lady-like charm when she straightens her hair and dons on her makeup. Miss Jooste seems to have an affinity to bright cherry-red gloss lipstick, which puts more of the glamour on her! :)

Miss Jooste already had the pleasure of working with SpectraSoul where she provided her vocals for their Play The Fool song. Right there and then it was obvious that Miss Jooste had a smooth quality to her voice expressed in light tones and a hint of melisma. I would say that Miss Jooste's voice would work well singing R&B/Soul/Pop tunes. Her upper register is airy and effortless, which proves that she does have a well established higher register while her lower register is solid and silky at that.

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It seems that Miss Jooste is in the midst of her music video for her debut single "False Alarm" as part of her debut EP album: 'The Man Is Always Right'. The rhythm of the song kind of reminds me of Lorde's "Team", but Miss Jooste definitely sounds distinctly different. The song has a very catchy beat to it, and Miss Jooste starts off strong with solid vocals demonstrating the strength of her lower register. Her head voice is also quite full, allowing her to perform refreshing falsetto notes most notably in the phrase "save me". Her head voice is also very bright especially with the word "shining", where she hits a F5 note. In this song, her lower register is alluring with a distinct Latin-tint to it. To be honest, there were some parts of the video where I could see Miss Jooste sounding a lot like Miss Beyonce' or the Latin Queen Jennifer Lopez. Yep, Miss Jooste definitely has that star potential to make it big in pop or R&B genres. I should also mention that this song is most likely an original composition by Miss Jooste. If so, she definitely proves her songwriting skills of being able to write such a song with a hook.

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Also, if you liked what you heard, go buy her songs on her iTunes page where her EP debut album is also available. Click on this link and shop away!*tches-interlude/id776064060?i=776064075

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The world is tired of spoiled phony-pop clowns like Selena G., Justine Boobieb, and Cyrus the Whore. There are plenty of people out there who have more talent and are far more deserving of the spotlight. When you submit yourself as a fan to Miss Jooste, know that you are making a good contribution to the meaning of music.