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Favorite Voice Coachie:

                                Favorite Voice Coachie: Usher Raymond. (Now THAT'S hot! :D) 

Okay okay... I'll admit. When I first found out that Mr. Raymond was replacing Mr. Lo Green as a judge on Season 4, I was kinda mad. I didn't know much about Mr. Usher Raymond at the time, only that he had a major part in launching Justine Boobieb's wretched plague-infested "music" career that is now (as I am proud to say) on a downward spiral of collapse with Boobieb's recent plunge into delinquency. Mr. Raymond returned as a coach in Season 6 of the Voice. To be honest, after spending two seasons with Mr. Raymond, I can say that I've grown to like him.

Music: Mr. Raymond's music can be somewhat similar to that idiot Levine's music as both of them have higher voices suited to R&B (which Mr. Raymond OBVIOUSLY beats Levine flat on that genre). However, Mr. Raymond exceeds Levine in the musical department because his material borders the "soul" genre of music intermixing with pop/R&B. So to say that Mr. Raymond is more tied with his culture is a fair statement, that and his material isn't as sexually promiscuous as that disgusting pervert Levine. To be honest, Mr. Raymond's music is okay. I'm not really a fan of his songs, but I do like his Without You song. Mr. Raymond's voice is BETTER than Levine's snot-ass nasal voice because Mr. Raymond has a slightly larger vocal range, a distinct warm sexual tone that captivates on his seductiveness, has better lower notes, is better at singing EMOTIONALLY, and has superb breathing techniques to dance and sing at the same time while Levine fails at all that. Mr. Raymond also doesn't have to rely on 4 ass sidekicks to assist him like Levine has to, so that's another plus.

Dance: In addition to his singing ability, Mr. Raymond also doubles up by the fact that he can actually dance and not strip (like Levine Adam). If you went to the strip club, you'd be more likely to see Levine on stage anytime before Mr. Raymond. (Maybe that's where Levine had his first penniless gigs... lol) To say that Mr. Raymond is infinitely more talented than Levine would be an understatement. Mr. Raymond's ability to sing and dance is on par with Michael Jackson's legendary skills. Mr. Raymond is the best male singer&dancer combo talent of this era accomplished by his sex appeal, his swift feet, and his slick Michael-Jackson-esque movements.

Appearance: Mr. Raymond may be one of the sexiest African-American males available in the entertainment industry this day and age. When you compare him and resident eunuch Levine, it's obvious that Mr. Raymond is at least three times as manly as that dukesgernaut. (Your leg up is a manly action Mr. Raymond) As dance is such a huge part of Mr. Raymond's skillset, it would obviously make sense that Mr. Raymond has an extremely agile and fit body. Mr. Raymond is slim, but he definitely has muscle. In fact, his body is almost all muscle with noticeable pecks and six-packs. All Levine has to work with is fat, flab, and a belly. :)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       That's Sad Levine... Sad...                              That's what I'm talking about Mr. Usher Raymond!!!

As you can clearly see, the difference is obvious. I don't understand what the fucking hell People's Magazine was drugged up on to EVER consider ugly-ass shitstick Levine as a candidate for their annual "Sexiest Man Alive" poll much less the eventual victor. People's Magazine should be ashamed of even calling themselves a credible magazine after that horrendous decision to give Levine that title, when a sexier man can be found sitting 2 FUCKING CHAIRS AWAY FROM HIM!!! Also, as you can see by the picture, Levine sort of has womanish hips, which makes sense considering that he has a transvestite-voice. It's DISGUSTING. Also, I noted that Mr. Raymond acquired some tattoos too. However, being that Mr. Raymond's skin is at a natural darker tone, his tattoos don't overtake his appearance that much. On the opposite end, look at Levine. His skin tone and his tattoos contrast each other, making his dirty tattoos stand out like inky inscriptions all over his skin. Levine's tattooed ass is thoroughly disgusting. 

Coaching: Okay, since the main point of this article is to stress why I think Mr. Raymond is the best coach on The Voice, I'll get to it. You can find more of what I hate about Levine on my The Krackhead Club blog. What I loved about Mr. Raymond was that I could actually FEEL he was sincere and that he actually cared about the artists on his team. Mr. Raymond also finds creative ways to engage them during practice by making them do exercise and what not. Mr. Raymond is also humble and honest. (I mean seriously, since when was he bragging about how "sexy" he was and hogging the stupid camera like that eunuch Levine?) Mr. Raymond is also very sweet to the contestants, and I know he cares very much about the people he mentors. Simply because Mr. Raymond is a disciplinarian and doesn't sugarcoat everything like the rest of them, I KNOW he is being sincere and helpful. While Levine and the other coaches may sugarcoat a performance, Mr. Raymond is usually the one giving advice on improvement and telling the artist that the reality is HARD WORK. When it comes to the performances that he doesn't like, Mr. Raymond makes it clear that he is indifferent and may actually offer honest advice on improvement. On the other hand, for exceptional performances, Mr. Raymond makes it clear by giving whole-hearted standing ovations and praise. Mr. Raymond is also rarely annoying unlike stupid dumbass Levine (who tries to feign intelligence by using half-ass vocabulary words that he doesn't fully understand), and he has shown that he cares about his artists as he keeps in contact with them and even helps promote them like he did with Mr. Josh Kaufman. That being said, I really dislike Mr. Raymond using the whole "I discovered Justine Boobieb" card to lure in artists. Not only do I wish he wouldn't remind me that he was responsible for the debut of one of the worst tragedies in music, but Mr. Raymond doesn't even have to kiss Boobieb's ass to be appealing. With all the qualities I listed, Mr. Raymond can easily make himself so attractive already. Throwing in the Boobieb card only taints the purity and sincerity of Mr. Raymond and also makes the hook about Boobieb, which I absolutely despise. Other than that though, Mr. Raymond is without a doubt the best coach the Voice has so far. :D

Modern Genius: Royals/Pure Heroine

                                                    Royals: By Lorde 

2013 was a huge year for one of the most talented young stars to break out from New Zealand. Her name is Lorde, and her masterpiece Royals was a global phenomenon that catapulted her all the way to the top of the music pyramid. Royals is truly an elite song destined for eternal fame, but before we talk about that, let's discuss a little bit about its singer and creator: the seventeen year old Lorde.

Lorde: Lorde is the stage name of Ella Yelich-o'connor who adopted said stage name having a fascination of royalty and hierarchical systems. First off, Lorde represents everything that is missing from today's shitty music as well as today's scumbag young generation. I want to make it clear that Lorde is an individual with a nonchalant attitude. Lorde has her own character and image that she believes suits her well and at the same she don't give no shit about what others say about it. Ignorant people (dumbasses to be exact) have made many wild poorly-calculated accusations against Lorde including: drugs, her age, her disabilities and other bullshit like that. Yeah Lorde acts weird and oddly, but that's who she is and who the hell she wants to be. None of you untalented mother-fucking shitsticks should give a fuck about the way she lives her life. I agree that Lorde acts bizarrely but I respect that and in fact encourages her to keep being herself. The character she plays and dresses is art. It's a part of her appeal in fact, and she knows it. That's why she doesn't give a fuck to her haters. Bottom line is, no matter how dubious she acts, she's not hurting anyone and isn't lewd to play up the sexuality like all the rest of the cow shit in the music industry (Cyrus the Whore, Levine Adam... ahem...) Besides her physical appearance and actions,  I believe that Lorde is extremely intelligent. A lot of her songs deviate from the grilled-out tired-ass theme of love and sexual lewdness. The lyrics she writes revolve around the more important things in life (most of the time being the detrimental effects of fame, money, and the "lux" life, most evident in Royals, Tennis Court and 400 Lux) And to write such complex melodic lyrics at her tender age, Lorde is definitely at a league of her own when it comes to the delinquent population these days. She is definitely mature enough to realize that there are many hideous disparities in modern life with her dissatisfaction of modern society evident in her songs: Team, BuzzCut Season, White Teeth Teens, and Alone In This World. Lorde also emphasizes uniqueness and inspiration with empowering songs like Glory and Gore. Lorde's material is artistic, dark, unique, meaningful, honest, haunting, and condemning of modern pop music, which ABSOLUTELY DESERVES to be condemned for spawning all the wrong messages to corrupt an emerging generation. Lorde is a glimmer of hope that can save us from the spiraling vortex of musical abomination. On that note, I also hear that Miss Lorde is apparently very vocal about politics. With a mind like that, who wouldn't?

Royals: Royals hands-down is my favorite song of this era and one of my favorite songs of all time. It is ridiculously catchy, memorable, simplistic, meaningful, deep, intellectual, powerful and most of all... simple. Royals is nothing short of everything, I consider it a work of genius. And to think that Lorde wrote the lyrics in half an hour? THAT'S PURE GENIUS I tell you. There's a reason why Royals won so many awards including Lorde's youngest Grammy Award in history. Royals is so simple. All you need is your hands to snap and clap in rhythm and a voice. That's it! :) It's lyrics are very deep however. And to know that so many idiot delinquents these days have no clue what the hell Royals is even about, well that doesn't really surprise me considering that most of them were drugged up and brainwashed on riff-raff, sex-tunes, and twerk-fests.   Basically, Royals starts off by emphasizing Lorde's humble background with the "I've never seen a diamond in the flesh, I'm not proud of my postcode envy" lines. Her "Every Songs like Gold Teeth, Grey Goose" and "Everybody's like Crystal, Maybach, Diamonds on Your Timepiece, Jet Planes, Islands, Tigers on a Gold Leash" lines emphasize how every person and pop music nowadays is in to promoting a superfluous corrupted luxurious style that ensures the spirit of greed and lust. This love for this luxurious lifestyle is emphasized as an unhealthy "affair" as in the line: "We aren't caught in your love affair". The main message of the song cannot be more clear in the phrase: "That Kind Of Lux Just Ain't For Us". Even the dumbest of the dumbshits can understand what the fuck that means. And to all the dipshits complaining how the song is "pretentious, preachy and pompous", may I kindly remind the breed of commonfolk that she emphasizes a FANTASY? F.A.N.T.A.S.Y. Her "Royal Life" is just a fantasy. It's even emphasized in the damn chorus: "AND WE'LL NEVER BE ROYALS! IT DON'T RUN IN OUR BLOOD! LET ME BE YOUR RULER! YOU CAN CALL ME QUEEN BEE! AND BABY I'LL RULE! LET ME LIVE THAT FANTASY!!!" Lorde is just singing about her DREAM. That's all. What is there not to understand? This generation is as dumb as a sack of horse shit.

Pure Heroine (Album): So anyway, buy Lorde's debut album today. It gives you the full extent of Lorde's brilliant mind. Here are all the songs you will find in the album:

1. Tennis Court
2. 400 Lux
3. Royals
4. Ribs
5. Buzzcut Season
6. Team
7. Glory And Gore
8. Still Sane
9. White Teeth Teens
10. A World Alone

Buy the album today. :D

Friday, July 18, 2014

Guns WITH Roses?

                                       Guns WITH Roses: Miss Kaleigh Glanton 

Miss Glanton was an indie-folk singer on Season 6 of the Voice. While there were many standouts in said season, Miss Glanton stood out for her unique folk/country sound. Miss Glanton operated with a very distinct country-cowgirl sound, with a gritty texture, a bit of a yodel, a ring of jazz, and a bluegrass feel. Miss Glanton also had a versatile voice where she used to the full extent by offering riffs and gaps in her falsetto range, (what Mr. Shelton referred to as the "tiny spots she goes that nobody else thinks of"). Miss Glanton should be commended for her unique interpretation of her songs. (Which, she sung a lot of classics too). In fact, her beautiful interpretations were so good that she was considered as an early front-runner. It should also be interesting to note that Miss Glanton was one of the few in the season who constantly demonstrated and shined with her upper register, the others being Fireball Christina Grimmie, Country Soprano Audra Mclaughlin, and Queen Sam Behymer to come extent. Miss Glanton's time was brief, but she was good enough to make it all the way to the knockouts where she held her own against a male powerhouse named Ryan Whyte Maloney (who had a rocker kind of voice). There's no shame for Miss Glanton to lose against Mr. Maloney considering that he did have one of the most powerful voices of the season within a powerhouse beast of a song like Easy. 

Here is Miss Glanton's interpretation of the classic: Have You Ever Seen This Rain? 

Her gritty, jazzy, "yodelly" voice absolutely shines in this song as she adds a little extra with her falsetto notes.

Miss Glanton performed Michael Buble's Everything for her battle round performance with fellow jazz singer Mr. Noah Lis. The video we provided is her SOLO version of the song. Her actual battle with Mr. Noah was actually pretty cute with good harmonies, good connection, and a mixture of smooth jazzy vocals topped off with a bit of chemistry. It's definitely worth a watch, but it's not on Youtube.

Miss Glanton next decided to tackle Rascal Flatt's Easy for her knockout round (which is FAR from easy to sing). She was paired up with Mister Ryan Whyte Maloney who had a much more suitable and powerful voice tailored to a rock/country song like Easy. You know, given from her past performances at the time, I really wasn't sure that Miss Glanton's voice was strong enough to handle a power-packed song like Easy. But, Miss Glanton wanted to challenge herself, so I strongly commend her for being brave enough to sing the song. Surprisingly, when the knockout round came, Miss Glanton actually held her own very well against Mister Ryan. And honestly, even though Mr. Maloney was a bit more controlled and comfortable with the song, I felt Miss Glanton had more of an edge considering that she had to work so much harder to hold up against Mr. Maloney's power being that she was a female singer. Miss Glanton was also noted by one of the coaches to have made "massive improvements". In the end, Mr. Shelton chose Mr. Maloney over Miss Glanton and it was sad to say farewell to her on the show. However, being that she is on the WowWielist, y'all should know that we're still with her to this very day.

If you are intrigued by Miss Glanton (which you should be) feel free to Check out and subscribe to her Youtube Channel for unique covers and more!

Kaleigh Glanton Youtube Channel

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Download some of her music on her itunes page:

Look: Okay, I know this is a music blog, but I'm not just restricted to commenting on her voice! I have to say, Miss Glanton is more than just a pretty face. Like I mentioned with the title, Miss Glanton is definitely a rose with "Guns". In her pre-audition bit, Miss Glanton made notice that she worked out a lot, having arm muscles capable of "beating Mr. Usher Raymond at arm wrestling" according to Miss Glanton herself. And she sure looks fit enough to do so! Maybe that's why she was so fearless in tackling a hard-on song like Easy. You know, for some reason, whenever I see Miss Glanton, I see a resemblance in her with the beautiful Hong Kong TVB actress Natalie Tong. Here, I'll let you compare:

                                                     A Rose With Guns!!!! :)

Left: Natalie Tong                                                                                      Right: Kaleigh Glanton

I think Lady Tong and Miss Glanton look a lot alike don't you? Or maybe it's just me! :D

Friday, July 11, 2014


                                         Tiny Angels On Earth: Grace Ann Gregorio 

In Season 9 of America's Got Talent, the stage was graced by a miniature songbird with a magnificent angelic operatic voice. Appropriately, she is named Grace and has already shown that she is an established soprano at a very young age. Angel Grace is coming to resemble Season 9's version of Fairy Jackie Evancho, who we should all know became the youngest artist IN HISTORY to go platinum (Her O' Holy Night album) with a bonafide superstar musical career following her unbelievable performances on America's Got Talent that officially raised the show's popularity to new heights. Seeing that Fairy Jackie was ten at the time of her national debut, Angel Grace, who is eleven could have the potential to mirror the effect Fairy Jackie had with the national audience.

                 Angel Grace's FULL version of her America's Talent audition song: Think Of Me

                                           A snippet of Angel Grace performing at the auditions.

You know, AGT is so dumb to montage someone as talented as Angel Grace, knowing that in history their peak popularity was largely due to the appearance of Fairy Jackie. Angel Grace is of similar talent, holding a very pure operatic voice and sounding like a meadowlark. As of right now, Angel Grace's operatic voice is subtle and tranquil. While her belts are amazingly beautiful, they are also very middling in power. In comparison with Fairy Jackie when she first performed on AGT, Angel Grace at the moment, is subordinate in control, projection, and expression. However, as she is now in the competition, the show will find vocal teachers that will help Angel Grace blossom. (As if she hadn't already). Her cover of Think Of Me was stunning and resounding. She shows remarkable range as she is able to navigate her voice over bridges of different notes while demonstrating a serene tonal quality throughout as well. Angel Grace also presents herself very well, being at ease on stage wearing a pretty flowered skirt and giving an adorable curtsy to show grace and etiquette. With all of these things considered, I truly believe that Angel Grace has the potential to win the entire competition and land a recording contract.

                                                 Angel Grace sings Oh Mio Babbino Caro 

                Watch Angel Grace as she soars to new heights with this Italian Operatic classic!

                               Angel Grace's Cover of Summertime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     Angel Grace can even fuse opera with jazz! JAZZ! This is so amazing! I bet Ella Fitzgerald would be proud! :D

                      Angel Grace STUNS with Someone Like You by Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Angel Grace is 10 in this video! TEN! And she's singing a monstrous broadway song like this! Angel Grace apparently possesses an incredible operatic voice AS WELL AS a Broadway theatrical voice AND a regular singing voice! She could very well grow up to be Susan Boyle mixed with Maria Callas. I mean, this is beyond amazing. I hear parts in this video where she sounds like Ariana Grande, I hear parts here where she sounds like Jodi Benson (Voice acted Ariel in Disney's Little Mermaid), I hear parts here where she sounded like a mini-Susan Boyle, Megan Hilty, and Vanessa Williams. Why the heck has it taken this long for people to discover her? She's a prodigy! A DIAMOND! She NEEDS MORE VIEWS AND SUBSCRIBERS! And why hasn't she been contacted by Disney? She is the perfect singer for Disney's Little Sing-Showtunes! She would blaze Disney! And at the same time, Angel Grace can make classical albums and be a Broadway Star! :D

                Speaking of Broadway, here's Angel Grace channeling Susan Boyle and Les Miserables 






I have seriously NEVER been this excited about any other singer ever. Angel Grace is a revelation! She is more than a discovery. SHE IS A TREASURE! I predict that she is going to be a Platinum-charting artist in the next few years if not sooner (as we all saw with Fairy Jackie!). Please! PLEASE SUPPORT HER!!!