Friday, July 18, 2014

Guns WITH Roses?

                                       Guns WITH Roses: Miss Kaleigh Glanton 

Miss Glanton was an indie-folk singer on Season 6 of the Voice. While there were many standouts in said season, Miss Glanton stood out for her unique folk/country sound. Miss Glanton operated with a very distinct country-cowgirl sound, with a gritty texture, a bit of a yodel, a ring of jazz, and a bluegrass feel. Miss Glanton also had a versatile voice where she used to the full extent by offering riffs and gaps in her falsetto range, (what Mr. Shelton referred to as the "tiny spots she goes that nobody else thinks of"). Miss Glanton should be commended for her unique interpretation of her songs. (Which, she sung a lot of classics too). In fact, her beautiful interpretations were so good that she was considered as an early front-runner. It should also be interesting to note that Miss Glanton was one of the few in the season who constantly demonstrated and shined with her upper register, the others being Fireball Christina Grimmie, Country Soprano Audra Mclaughlin, and Queen Sam Behymer to come extent. Miss Glanton's time was brief, but she was good enough to make it all the way to the knockouts where she held her own against a male powerhouse named Ryan Whyte Maloney (who had a rocker kind of voice). There's no shame for Miss Glanton to lose against Mr. Maloney considering that he did have one of the most powerful voices of the season within a powerhouse beast of a song like Easy. 

Here is Miss Glanton's interpretation of the classic: Have You Ever Seen This Rain? 

Her gritty, jazzy, "yodelly" voice absolutely shines in this song as she adds a little extra with her falsetto notes.

Miss Glanton performed Michael Buble's Everything for her battle round performance with fellow jazz singer Mr. Noah Lis. The video we provided is her SOLO version of the song. Her actual battle with Mr. Noah was actually pretty cute with good harmonies, good connection, and a mixture of smooth jazzy vocals topped off with a bit of chemistry. It's definitely worth a watch, but it's not on Youtube.

Miss Glanton next decided to tackle Rascal Flatt's Easy for her knockout round (which is FAR from easy to sing). She was paired up with Mister Ryan Whyte Maloney who had a much more suitable and powerful voice tailored to a rock/country song like Easy. You know, given from her past performances at the time, I really wasn't sure that Miss Glanton's voice was strong enough to handle a power-packed song like Easy. But, Miss Glanton wanted to challenge herself, so I strongly commend her for being brave enough to sing the song. Surprisingly, when the knockout round came, Miss Glanton actually held her own very well against Mister Ryan. And honestly, even though Mr. Maloney was a bit more controlled and comfortable with the song, I felt Miss Glanton had more of an edge considering that she had to work so much harder to hold up against Mr. Maloney's power being that she was a female singer. Miss Glanton was also noted by one of the coaches to have made "massive improvements". In the end, Mr. Shelton chose Mr. Maloney over Miss Glanton and it was sad to say farewell to her on the show. However, being that she is on the WowWielist, y'all should know that we're still with her to this very day.

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Look: Okay, I know this is a music blog, but I'm not just restricted to commenting on her voice! I have to say, Miss Glanton is more than just a pretty face. Like I mentioned with the title, Miss Glanton is definitely a rose with "Guns". In her pre-audition bit, Miss Glanton made notice that she worked out a lot, having arm muscles capable of "beating Mr. Usher Raymond at arm wrestling" according to Miss Glanton herself. And she sure looks fit enough to do so! Maybe that's why she was so fearless in tackling a hard-on song like Easy. You know, for some reason, whenever I see Miss Glanton, I see a resemblance in her with the beautiful Hong Kong TVB actress Natalie Tong. Here, I'll let you compare:

                                                     A Rose With Guns!!!! :)

Left: Natalie Tong                                                                                      Right: Kaleigh Glanton

I think Lady Tong and Miss Glanton look a lot alike don't you? Or maybe it's just me! :D