Friday, August 29, 2014

Indie Gets a New Face!

                                                          Indie Queen: Olivia Millerschin! :) 

Everyone, meet Indie Queen Olivia Millerschin, a future superstar indeed. Yes, Indie Queen Olivia Millerschin possesses a rare extremely unique voice that can best be described as pure and delicate as fine glass. Her voice is crisp, fresh, and vibrant, with a quirky yet enchanting ring to it that immediately grabs attention. While her voice may not be super powerful, she shines with a more artistic tone in her voice, one that is crystal clear, light, pitch-perfect, and subtle. Her voice THRIVES on simplicity, and she certainly captivates the audience with her hypnotizing voice. When it comes to creativity, Indie Queen Olivia TOTALLY has it going on. :D I should mention that she excels at the upper register, enunciating lovely high notes in the falsetto range.

                                         Indie Queen Olivia puts her own spin on Rihanna's Stay, making it her own

Indie Queen Olivia gives Adele's Skyfall a spooky attitude and haunting sound. :D

Indie Queen Olivia has a Youtube Channel FILLED with goodies and AMAZING cover songs. Subscribe to her channel by clicking the following link: Olivia Millerschin Youtube

Band Formation of Livy, Matt, and Sammy: 

Indie Queen Olivia was recently seen on the nation's official talent show America's Got Talent on Season 9 with band members Matt and Sammy (of whom Olivia met in school), where her distinctive voice IMMEDIATELY caught the attention of yours truly. The band was an early frontrunner known for their unique sound that made it all the way to the Quarterfinals Round. Here are EXTENDED versions of their songs covered on America's Got Talent. 

Indie Queen Olivia gives a MEMORABLE take on the quirky song Pompeii 

Indie Queen Olivia turns an Outkast Hip-Hop number Hey Ya and transforms it into a ukulele-jam. :D

Indie Queen Olivia makes the Rock song "Fat Bottom Girls" into a country-like tune! :D

As you can probably tell, Indie Queen Olivia is quite fond of being accompanied with the ukulele instrument. Perhaps that's another part of her specialty.  These are some of her original songs! Check them out! :D

Here is an original single by Indie Queen Olivia called We Know Not. Watch her dazzling voice shine with smoothness A-factor! :D

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