Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Jasmine of Jazz

                                                  Jasmine of Jazz: Jasmine Julia Goodwin

Season 9 of America's Got Talent is DEFINITELY the year sporting the most wondrous vocal talents the show has ever seen. Among the very best was Jasmine Julia Goodwin, who surprisingly pertained to jazz/blues music. With a pretty face, a large vocal range, and a masterful vocal control for her age, Jasmine Julia Goodwin was a force to be reckoned with and was quickly established as an early front-runner. Shockingly, Jasmine Julia Goodwin experienced an early exit in the competition after performing a (in my personal opinion) exquisitely delicate and elegant take on Goo Goo Dolls' Iris. In all honesty, I thought she did an exceptional job and did NOT deserve to go home. That's why, we're going to vouch for her to make the wild card position (if there is one hopefully).

Jasmine Julia is certainly a personal favorite of mine because she dedicates herself as a "jazz and blues" singer, two of my most favorite genres in "American" music. For a fifteen-year old talent, it's remarkable that she can even articulate the complexity of jazz and blues let alone shine so proficiently when singing of such. You see, Jasmine Julia is EXACTLY the kind of singers we need in our fast-falling music industry to hell. For some reason Jasmine Julia reminds me a little of Miss Ariana Grande, who is now a "pop" superstar, but has the chops to sing more... classical and beautiful types of music. Jasmine Julia and Miss Grande actually have some vocal similarities (especially in the upper notes, though Jasmine Julia seems to have more of a character in the upper register as opposed to wayward whistle tones that either hit or miss). All the young stars go for "pop" music, and it's quite rare to find an artist that deviates to more mature/resounding genres of music like Lorde or Ellie Goulding. Jasmine Julia's title as a jazz singer kind of reminds me of Soul Sister Jacquie Lee in her respective dedication to soul music. In my opinion, THESE are the rightful stars of tomorrow, NOT "Pornpop" extravaganza Cyrus the Whore or the assorted Riff Raff from downtown. (okay, maybe that was a little harsh). :)

Anyway, Jasmine Julia is indeed a vocal talent of our generation, and we WOULD love to see her get a second chance on America's Got Talent by singing for a wild card. Here are her performances on America's Got Talent:

Jasmine Julia auditioned with a stunning rich jazzy performance of Billy Joel's In a New York State of Mind that was absolutely sensational it left practically everyone breathless including me. The judges were SPOT ON with their praise, giving significant highlights to Jasmine Julia's ability of vocal control, jazzy tones, vocal riffs, and falsetto breaths. To say that she was a tremendous talent... I AGREE! :D 

Jasmine Julia next performed Nina Simone's classic Feeling Good for Judgment Week, giving the song her signature jazzy tone with a burst of youthfulness. She also demonstrated some killer falsetto notes here as her father accompanied her on the piano. 

For her first live show performance in Radio City Music Hall, Jasmine Julia gave a refreshing gorgeous rendition of Goo Goo Doll's Iris, which was extremely polished and graceful. Sporting a ravishing red dress, Jasmine Julia was definitely a vision for the eyes as she gave a diaphanous performance. I truly believe that the criticisms on her from the judges were unwarranted and that they mistakenly blamed her for trying to show a more delicate side to her voice. And thus, I would like to encourage EVERYONE to vouch for her to be a wild card this season. THANK YOU!!! :D

Unfortunately, as Jasmine Julia is a budding artist, she doesn't have an established Youtube Channel as of yet, and we'll update this article once she does. However, with the things she has, we'll work with it. :) 

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