Thursday, October 9, 2014

Undiscovered Gem: Binky Espinal!!!! :D

                                                       Undiscovered Gem: Miss Bianca Espinal 

As the auditions are done and over with in Season 7 of The Voice, we have concluded the whole genepool of the singers that will be participating on the show this autumn. While there are a few hits that made it and a few MISSES that made a team. (Yes, there were such occurrences I'm not going to lie, and I'm not mentioning any names). However, there were genuinely a couple of artists that deserved to make a team. Perhaps the one that stood out the most was Miss Bianca Espinal of which her friends call her "Binky".

The moment she began to sing her rendition of Foolish Games for her Voice audition, we were ALL immediately cheering her on. Throughout her performance, we were captivated by her powerful voice and her emotional power. Her rendition was SOLID with the ease of her fierce belting prowess and an overall yearning emotion of which she expressed articulately. We definitely felt the desperation interwoven within her performance. Frankly, we are STILL shocked that NONE of the judges responded to that emotional cry.... Of course though, knowing that the coaches panel included two "NEW" judges that lack experience (Gwen and Pharrell) and the resident ****** Levine.... yeah, I'm not going to go into my opinions of that one because this article is about Bianca. Anyhow, we sincerely felt robbed that Bianca didn't make it ESPECIALLY when the coaches were talking about how she could have done better and all that. Honestly, this is an AUDITION. The artists are here to pick teams and have the COACHES REFINE and IMPROVE their voices. PLENTY of auditions in the past have gotten through while still rough around the edges, I don't see why Bianca received that complaint considering that we HONESTLY believe she sang very dang good!

Anyway, here is Bianca's audition of Foolish Games. She starts off with delicate melancholic notes and transcends into powerful belts full of hurt and longing, capturing the broken emotions of love riddled within the song.

We found some of Miss Binky's earlier videos. Here is one where she EFFORTLESSLY belts out a soulful rendition of Adele's famed Rolling In The Deep. And this was made THREE years ago. Just think how much her voice has matured and improved during that time! :D

                                                   Man, I WISH I could belt like that.... :)

Here is Miss Binky giving a fun-filled upbeat soulful performance in the Subway. And she gives such heart to her singing as well! :D You know, I am inspired by my friend Miss Binky not only by the fact that she possesses this AMAZING voice, but that she and all the other aspiring musicians who perform in the streets like heroes still have the strength to persevere and look for new opportunities. Seriously people, these artists DESERVE being recognized, not all of those incubated musicians raised on high paychecks who use YOUR money that you foolishly give to buy their albums to purchase a life of luxury, lamborghinis, and other frivolous superfluous items. Ugh... people just need to get out more. And that's why we're sitting here helping undiscovered talent like Miss Binky. Because they DESERVE it. :D

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AND TO THE VOICE: From the perspective of a fan and a friend, I think that a "wild-card" system would make the competition even more interesting. I mean, the Instant-Saves are a great idea, and I am THRILLED. But for things like the auditions, I think that you guys should implement something like "Golden Buzzers" or something like what America's Got Talent recently used. Just a suggestion. I know, that as a show you have airtime schedules and contracts to abide to. :D